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Valerio Braschi

Unpublished autumn recipes

By 18/08/2019May 13th, 2020No Comments

New and tasty dishes that taste of the forest

The end of summer is almost upon us; the months of summer, like every year, passed quickly, leaving us with memories of carefree holidays, the taste of salt on tanned skin and, of course, a touch of nostalgia.

On the golden beaches of “my” Romagna Riviera, the busy umbrellas begin to decrease, the torrid heat of August slowly turns into warmth, the Adriatic Sea can finally return to breathe after the usual “summer labors”.

With the summer-autumn rotation, however, the foods that we find on the supermarket shelves also change; in the large wheel of fruit and vegetables, tomatoes, melons, watermelons, cucumbers, aubergines are quickly replaced by cornerstones of autumn cuisine: for example broccoli, chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, pumpkin, radicchio, celeriac, mandarins, pomegranates.

In my family the arrival of autumn brings with it some real liturgical rites such as having the oven turned on almost daily to cook kilos and kilos of vegetables and to dry the seeds of the pumpkin, “castrate” and cook the chestnuts on the “pan “So dear to us Romagna, to collect pomegranates from which to obtain an excellent juice both to drink and to use, together with another great autumn classic such as Cagnina di Romagna, in the preparation of a juicy and tasty turkey roast.

When, in the autumn, I find myself in the kitchen to think about new dishes and crazy combinations, I must admit to being inspired by a very wooded type of cuisine. So go ahead with mushrooms and highly prized truffles. Also important is the presence of tubers and vegetables with a strong taste, characterized by the same colors of the leaves that are about to detach from the branches in a melancholic dance towards the damp soil.

To the usual tasty dishes that we are used to tasting this season, I decided to add some new gourmet ideas, some ideas capable, in my opinion, of giving even more panache to a kitchen that already has a large coefficient of flavor on its ropes.

These are the autumn-inspired dishes that I have created exclusively for you friends of So Wine So Food:

  • Egg cooked at low temperature (61 °), Parmesan foam, stewed radicchio and white truffle
  • Pumpkin gnocchi sautéed with hazelnut butter, truffle and anchovy grains
  • Pomegranate glazed pigeon breast, marinated raw fennel and acidulated beetroot
  • Celeriac in pinzimonio with bagna cauda foam

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