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Valerio Braschi

The new frontiers of ice cream

By 29/07/2019May 13th, 2020No Comments

Horizons of infinite possibilities. Sweet, but also salty and sour: the new ice cream trends.

To introduce a “hot” theme such as that of ice cream , I think it is right to go back over the years, when my dream was still to become a doctor and my, not so unconscious, passion already made me burn pots and sauté.

I have always loved summer and all that derives from it, often my grandmothers or my dear babysitter took me for a walk in the center of my magnificent Santarcangelo di Romagna , looking for a tasty ice cream with which to cool off from the torrid heat Romagna. In front of the immense counters, full of airy and colorful flavors, I felt an authentic, pure pleasure.

Like almost all children, my choice often fell on chocolate ice cream and after a short walk I went home happy, satisfied and obviously with a dirty mouth.

There is , therefore, a passionate and highly evocative relationship between me and the ice cream ; but as with great love stories, even with food, new stimuli must always be sought, new challenges to keep the flame of passion burning.

In my many travels I have discovered and tried many ice creams both sweet and savory, some have entranced me others less. Alas much less. Among the noteworthy I can certainly include what chef Igles Corelli prepared in our 4-handed dinner for the Gambero Rosso TV channel ; an amazing Parmesan ice cream : strong, full-bodied taste and a note of absolutely irresistible flavor that naturally dampened the “push” of the mojito risotto with which it was served.

Special mention also for the mustard ice cream by chef Nicola Annunziata , prepared for the So Wine So Food gala dinner at the ” 1978 ” restaurant in Rome; a “dynamic” and pungent ice cream that went perfectly with the rest of the elements on the plate, in this case a nduja sauce and grilled octopus.

Of course, my strong curiosity prompted me to create numerous original and innovative ice cream flavors , among which the honey and yuzu one , with an oriental flavor, the red onion one , the horseradish horseradish ice cream , spicy and aggressive, the taste smoked scamorza , the very Italian yellow tomatoes and vinegar , the one with salted fermented raspberries (a real bomb!) and even the taste of Indian curry , an explosion of flavor capable of catapulting the diner into a picturesque and dreamy avenue in New Delhi.

With ice cream, as in life, never be afraid to dare and experiment, let your imagination fly; and if the result will not satisfy you, be calm, a good chocolate ice cream and a tour through the streets of your favorite country will bring you back to a good mood.

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