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Wine tradition on the shores of Lake Garda

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Discovering the products of the Marsadri Winery, between a centenary work and respect for the lake environment

Crystal clear water, centuries-old mountains, picture-postcard hills, picturesque lakes; in Italy we are used to extraordinary places that always surprise us with breath-taking views. These enchanted places, however, not only give peace and wonder to the mind and heart, but also actively influence our work and the natural products. Near Lake Garda, precisely in Raffa, which is a fraction of the municipality of Puegnago del Garda, a family produces wines in full harmony with the territory: we are talking about the Marsadri family.

The company, founded in 1879, was well known since the first years of activity, because it produced an excellent red wine, mainly sold in Vallesabbia and Valtrompia. The Marsadri Winery has obtained several awards and honours during its 150 years of activity: for instance, the registration on the Italian Register of Historic Companies, a great privilege. Their philosophy is to carry out the activity in a traditional way, applying, however, new technologies with regard to winemaking and bottling. In addition, the winery is almost exclusively supplied with solar energy, which reinforces the proximity and protection of the territory by the Marsadri family. This family-run winery is managed by Laura Marsadri, who is the fifth generation, and by her husband Mario, a former professional soccer player.

Which vines do you cultivate and what labels do you produce?

“Local vines of our region, deriving from the Trebbiano di Lugana, Groppello and Marzemino grapes. Our wines have been awarded in the last editions of the Vinibuoni d’Italia Guide, which is specifically dedicated to the protection of ancient Italian vines. Together with these ones, we have other traditional products of our area, like Garda Classico Chiaretto, Garda Pinot Grigio, Garda Rosso Superiore”.

Which is the peculiarity of being close to the lake?

“The incredible softness”.

Can you tell us a perfect combination of your wine and a culinary specialty of Lake Garda?

“The whitefish en papillote combined with our Lugana Brolo, an intense straw-yellow wine, tending to golden, with a marked aggressiveness and flavour. Fresh and dry, with an intense aroma that recalls flowers and fruits. As for the meat, I would recommend the beef with Garda olive oil combined with our Groppello Brolo, a ruby ​​red wine with a velvety, pleasant and enveloping taste, where the tannic base is properly accompanied by a slight almond aftertaste”.

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