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Simone Roveda, a professional Winery Lover

By 15/05/2019April 22nd, 2020No Comments

The thirty-year-old Piedmontese is one of the most important Social faces in the wine business: fourth in the world and first in Italy according to the Worldinfluencer ranking

“How did I become a blogger? On a bet! I was graduating at the Polytechnic in Computer Engineering but I wanted to dedicate myself to digital marketing, so I did some web researches that led me to wine: the time to change the communication of the wine business had arrived. On January 28th 2016, I published the first photo on the Instagram account @winerylovers and in the following summer, I opened the blog under the same name”. In just two years, Simone Roveda has achieved the goal he had set himself, winning several thousands of followers and entering the world rankings as the fourth influencer in the wine business. Although he calls himself a digital wine communicator by profession. In order to do it professionally, he became a sommelier.

“To be a successful blogger, it’s important to know both the wine and the mechanisms of communication – explains Roveda – Once I know what I want to convey, I have to decide the best way to do it, otherwise my message will not reach anyone. Having a great following on Social media, makes you appear more authoritative. Therefore, someone who can’t decide which influencer to follow, will always choose the most relevant profile. The same thing also applies to companies that contact professionals that can make the most of their products – concludes Roveda – the goal is to convert the public into new consumers”. An all-round job, which requires studies, updates, travel and investments: “I am always accompanied by my iPhone and MacBook, both during busy days at home and traveling among fairs, tours and companies. Sometimes it is tiring, but then I think about the knowledge I absorb and that no book can ever give me, and eventually the effort vanishes. Being recognized on the street or being invited to exclusive events in the wine business is a gratifying evidence of the good work I do”. An explosive career, therefore, that took shape in just a few years: “I’m just getting started! The beauty of wine is that this is such a vast sector that there is always something new to learn. I would like to become one of the leading wine communicators in the world, yet I certainly know that the road is very long. There is still so much to study, travel and taste and I don’t lack tenacity. Especially now, after the initial shock caused by the abandonment of my engineer career, that my parents changed their mind and gave me more confidence. And companies began to believe in me as well”.

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