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“Pappa e Vino”: drinking champagne in a “trattoria” in Acqui Terme

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Roberto Arbile and Maurizio Parise are the two owners and friends of this gracious reality in the province of Alessandria. An exquisite and deep wine list, which winks at the French bubbles, is their flagship

Pappa e Vino” is a lovely reality in the heart of Acqui Terme, a town of twenty thousand inhabitants in the province of Alessandria, in Piedmont. Pay attention to the words: the restaurant of the two chefs Roberto Arbile and Maurizio Parise is anything but a low-level establishment. The choice to rename it “trattoria” has a precise purpose: to underline the philosophy of this activity. Simplicity, tradition and above all Italian quality. The name, therefore, wasn’t decided by chance. Let’s start with Pappa: it is one of the first words spoken by children and makes us think of something genuine and good. Hence the attention to search high quality products and the choice of making many preparations at home, including fresh pasta, filled pasta and desserts. “Vino“, because much of the success of this Acqui Terme restaurant derives from their wine list, the result of careful selection and numerous tastings, made directly in the producers’ cellars. The pride of “Pappa e Vino” is definitely a very detailed proposal of Italian sparkling wines: renowned sparkling wines that over the years have climbed several charts of taste and preferences. At this point, it is no coincidence that Arbile and Parise like to define their restaurant as a Petite Champagneria. The choice comes from a strong passion for wine that has pushed the two, who were friends before becoming colleagues, even towards French labels and some small vigneron, little known but excellent.

What about the kitchen? Roberto and Maurizio are clearly the chefs of “Pappa e Vino”: both already known in the territory for having managed over the years several restaurants such as the “Parisio 1933” and the “Schiava“. The two offer traditional dishes with a touch of innovation, because the two friends wish to interpret classic Liguria’s and Piedmont’s recipes in a modern and captivating way. The strong point of their cuisine is certainly the careful selection of raw materials from local crops. For example, the mushrooms and truffles of Monferrato are always present, especially when they are in season. In their dishes, Arbile and Parise manage to combine anchovies and salt cod (typical of Liguria cuisine) with roasts, carpaccio and even the typical stewed tripe, in a truly remarkable harmony that amazes at first taste.

Need to add more? We would say no. You only need to catch the first train and just stop when you will hear a mechanical voice saying: “Acqui Terme, Acqui Terme station …”

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