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In Cesenatico, ice cream is made with wine

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Fabio Casto, owner of “Il Gelato” on the Adriatic coast, is not afraid to be bold: daring pairings are his passion, especially in the vineyard

How many times have we heard the phrase “opposites attract”? Tons of times. However, applying this saying to the fantastic world of food and wine is not simple; without well-developed taste buds and the right knowledge of the ingredients, the mixture could be not very good or even terrible. At the base of particular and “bold” combinations, there must be a massive awareness and mastery of the raw material.

We can find a prime example in Cesenatico, a well-known seaside area on the Adriatic coast. Here, for over twenty years, a master ice cream maker has enjoyed experimenting. With excellent outcomes. He is Fabio Casto, owner of Il Gelato, a business that isn’t afraid to be bold, especially with wine. Prosecco, Albana and even the famous Sangiovese are just some of the wines used to experiment and create new and interesting combinations.

How and when did your passion for ice cream come about?

“23 years ago, in June 1996, when I started working in what would become my ice cream shop. It was the well-known master ice cream maker Tonino Leardini who taught me the characteristics of this job”.

What about the sparkle between wine and ice cream?

“I would rather talk about an uncontrolled chemical reaction. I invented nothing, let’s be clear; but as a craftsman I have and want the ability to adapt a particular idea to my little world, to my quality concept, to my target, to my imagination, to the single ingredients I choose. For example, I enhance the products of my territory, by promoting it at my best”.

Which is the wine that makes a perfect combination with ice cream?

“I would say Prosecco. I paired it with rosemary and it was very good; with pink grapefruit, it was even better. Perfect for the summer. I think it’s very versatile and goes well with the acidulous, the sweet and the many aromatic notes of spices and herbs. Among the other wines, I experimented Sangiovese with an apple and crumble base: it was very appreciated”.

What combination would you suggest for the autumn?

“Red wine with chestnuts, or persimmons; otherwise pumpkin, with something crunchy to increase salivation. I would appreciate, for example, a taste that is not very sweet on the palate but intense in flavour, keeping the pod (sweetening power) low and using herbs or spices to evoke particular sensations. I might also explore the world of dark beer and spirits”.

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