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How is a cult decanter born?

By 09/08/2019April 22nd, 2020No Comments

The design that influences the taste is gourmet, according to the architect Itamar Harari

In any work of genius, as in an unforgettable waltz or in an iconic dish of a talented chef, the union of professionalism and passion reaches its peak. Divided, they are incomplete. “I love my work, it’s beautiful but also difficult” – tells Itamar Harari, a successful designer in the restaurant and furniture area – “Art is not everything: it is an essential part of the work alongside functionality, productivity and psychological aspect “.

Born in Tel Aviv, with a degree in Architecture from the University of Florence, and another degree in Design Study achieved in Milan, Harari has defined himself as a European architect and designer since 1992. “I like to have a direct dialogue with my clients, which are companies of the made in Italy area, brands of international prestige like Rogaska or Zieher or brewers looking for the label to represent their product. The aesthetics of things is important: the first impression refers to it. If there is no link between the kitchen and the environment in a restaurant, if the tableware aesthetics is discordant with what they contain, it will not only compromise the perception of the dish taste, but there will surely emerge the feeling of improvisation or, even worse, of little care for us. The opposite is also true: professional sommeliers, chefs and restaurateurs are often consulted during the pre-design phase in order to produce objects in the food and wine sector. Beauty shouldn’t be an end in itself, but should be accompanied by the perfection of use”.

Not surprisingly, Itamar is also a connoisseur of good wines and spirits, a beer sommelier and a long-standing foodie with a keen interest in haute cuisine. “I am a gourmand, and this is fundamental in my work as a crystal and tableware designer. It’s a bit like designing a car: if you don’t like driving, you will never be able to do it”.

Let’s go back to the decanter. Recently released, Pebble Zieher by Itamar Harari has immediately become a cult for professional and connoisseur sommelier. “The Zieher brand is synonymous with innovative design at the table and in the kitchen. It is provided in several five-star hotels and in the best restaurants in the world. It focuses on innovative gastronomy, in which professional chefs create new trends”. His guidelines are three: surprise, three-dimensional movement of every object’s shape and, indispensably, irony: “it works”. Upon the word of the famous gourmet designer.

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