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Flat Three, at home as in a restaurant

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Juliana Moustakas, the owner, discovered her passion for cooking in her apartment. This is the atmosphere that she wants to re-propose, thanks to fermented drinks, infusions, spirits and high-quality wines

Flat Three is a particular premise located in London, precisely in Holland Park Avenue. Combining the best of British products with Korean flavours, familiar to the owner Juliana Kim Moustakas, Greek Mediterranean perfumes and the inspiration of the highest Japanese gastronomy, chef Joe Timarchi creates intriguing and tasty dishes, taken from the cuisine of his origins, the Peruvian one. The menu is made with a strong emphasis on fermentation, Juliana’s true passion, whose journey began in the kitchen of her apartment, the Flat Three, precisely.

A cuisine that, however, often leaves room for drinks in the restaurant, very fusion and masterpiece of this place. Let’s start with the kombuchas that are usually offered in a non-alcoholic combination with the tasting menu. What are they? The kombuchas have a multi-millennial history that has its roots in ancient China, where they were called “immortal elixir” and are a product of the natural fermentation of tea, infusions or juices with the help of a certain species of bacteria.

In addition, at the Flat Three, using all the components of the fruit, from the pulp to the skin, you get creative drinks full of flavour such as juices, teas, infusions, mead and fermented lovage and ginger. Of yuzu and verbena or omija with black pepper, fig leaves and so on, which in a pleasant and not obvious way accompany Joe’s dishes. Among the alcoholic proposals stands out the collaboration with the Distillery of the famous Kew gardens in London and the use of their Organic Gin. Thus was born the list of signature cocktails “Kew Gin + Flat Three juices and kambuchas” that changes every season, with appendices of homemade liqueurs such as pear, liquorice and Kombu. The Japanese distillate lovers will appreciate the sake list as well: a real highlight of this pro-Japanese place. Moreover, for those who do not imagine a meal without wine, there is a wonderful selection of “high-quality wines“.

These are precious gems, personally selected by the staff around the world: small cellars, praiseworthy interpretations of terroir, grapes that marry well the fusion cuisine of the place. That make up, therefore, the third list of alcoholic beverages. Are you curious about the matching proposals with flag dishes like Pastinaca, malted granola and fermented almonds or Bergamot, meringue and olive oil? Ask Juliana. And of course, tell it to us!

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