So Wine


The wine according to Pellegrino Artusi

That love between the father of Italian cuisine and wine is not well-known, but can be very surprising


The wine according to Pellegrino Artusi

That love between the father of Italian cuisine and wine is not well-known, but can be very surprising

Artusi’s Wine

“…I'm neither a glutton, nor a great eater… but I love the beautiful and the good wherever they are, and I cannot bear to see the Grace of God – as they say – torn apart…” – P.Artusi

Macerated wines aka “Orange Wines”

Neither red, nor white, nor rosè; in 2020 we will be drinking orange

Mocktails: the trend of alcohol-free cocktails

An established trend elsewhere, it is spreading in Italy as well. Drinks for the health-conscious and designated drivers

When a woman makes a career at a restaurant, and she is not a chef

Vanessa Melis, Mariella Organi and Michela Scarello: three female personalities of Italian hospitality tell their own dining room

The immaterial profession of Vincenzo Donatiello

The maître of Piazza Duomo tell us his story, from the beginnings in the kitchen to the starred dining rooms. With an outgoing project: a book to rewrite the new Italian service

Gragnano redoubled

A place in Italy where pasta and wine share the identity of its terroir

The underwater sparkling wines of Lake Iseo

The natural winery of Azienda Agricola Vallecamonica: Nautilus and Adamadus, the sparkling wines refined in the depths of its fresh waters

Il Vinco, spontaneous fermentations on Lake Bolsena

The branch of willow that binds the vine, from 2014 intertwines the stories of three young winemakers: Daniele, Marco and Nicola rediscover the Cannaiola

Wine tradition on the shores of Lake Garda

Discovering the products of the Marsadri Winery, between a centenary work and respect for the lake environment

Diamond, the street artist who signs wine

From murals to shelves: the Roman artist branded the design of Artico Azienda Agricola with auteur labels

How is a cult decanter born?

The design that influences the taste is gourmet, according to the architect Itamar Harari

In Cesenatico, ice cream is made with wine

Fabio Casto, owner of "Il Gelato" on the Adriatic coast, is not afraid to be bold: daring pairings are his passion, especially in the vineyard

Günther and his “diWine” ice cream

From skis to the opening of three ice cream shops in Rome: "Beyond the classic tastes"

Giovanna Maccario, producer and hero

In San Biagio, in Liguria, several historical vineyards are hard to cultivate: a woman who used to be passionate about architecture, yet couldn't say no to her land, now deals with them

Wine and the sea: a novel by the Cantine Antonio Mazzella

The best winery in Italy is in Ischia: after winning two awards at Vinitaly 2019, Vera, one of the owners, tells us how it is to work in a place that is beautiful and difficult at the same time

Simone Roveda, a professional Winery Lover

The thirty-year-old Piedmontese is one of the most important Social faces in the wine business: fourth in the world and first in Italy according to the Worldinfluencer ranking

Not Just Wine, the wine gastronomists

Graduated from the University of Pollenzo, Luca Santoro and Matteo Micotti have created a real brand that combines lifestyle and oenogastronomy

Giuseppe Vaccarini: a brilliant sommelier

Marchesi described him like this in a chapter of his book; they met in 1977 and worked closely for many years: “The chef liked champagne but […]

Federico Graziani: willingness is nothing without intelligence

The best sommelier of Italy in 1998 and Gualtiero Marchesi got to know each other with this sentence: “The Master was a provocateur but he knew […]