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Valhalla, the Vikings arrive in Milan

By 08/03/2019January 22nd, 2020No Comments

Milena Vio and Igor Iavicoli, two young entrepreneurs, bring to Italy the first restaurant dedicated to the culture of the Norse population. With chef Mauro Molon in the kitchen, ready to provide a vegan alternative as well

Valhalla. This is the name of the first Viking restaurant in Italy that was newly opened in Milan, at a stone’s throw from the Darsena. The restaurant, an absolute novelty of recent times, offers typical dishes of ancient Nordic culture, revisited in a modern way and with a touch of gourmet. Just to find a meeting point between “our” flavours, obtained thanks to our products, and the Norse specialties: in full fusion style. It was not easy to give life to the Valhalla menu: a thorough research on the culture, the uses and the feeding of the Vikings was necessary. Two young entrepreneurs had this idea: Milena Vio (28) and Igor Iavicoli (32), both great fans of Nordic mythology. The name, Valhalla, instead, was chosen with a precise motivation: it was the term used to indicate the Paradise of the “brave warriors”, recalling the myths of Odin.

The Valhalla, in fact, was considered the eternal home for the heroes who fell in battle with honour. The Vikings imagined a divine world, the Middle-earth, as a place with very high walls, the axes of the warriors, the benches covered with armour and battle clothes. Then, banquets with rivers of mead (the famous gods’ nectar), wine and beer, all served by the untamed Valkyries. The Milanese Valhalla has tried to recreate this supernatural world thanks to the architect

Andrea Murciano and designer Gianpaolo Morelli work. So, the cuisine? Obviously, the main attraction of Valhalla is the Viking “diet”. We’re talking about typical dishes, re-proposed in a more refined way, which can also be combined with modern palates. The young chef Mauro Molon (34 years old) has skilfully reinterpreted the recipes of the ancients in order to make them attractive to today’s tastes. Each dish has a name that recalls the mythology of Odin. There is the Hildsvin, the boar with beer, the Gulltopp, the horsemeat strips, the Tanngnjostr, the roe deer, the Vedhrofolnir, the quail with juniper, the Himinhrjodhr, the grilled beef marrow, the Ullr, the deer tartare. There are also vegan dishes, such as Bifrost, red turnip carpaccio with smoked seitan or Nidhafioll, chickpea balls in artichoke sauce. Craft beers, mead and wines, all selected by Diego Borella, are paired with every dish.

Summarizing: Valhalla is a small Viking corner overlooking the Darsena. Perfect for those moments when you want to escape from the daily grind and escape to a mythical atmosphere.

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