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The year of Pellegrino Artusi also in the bookstore

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Three books that in 2020 celebrate the 200th anniversary of the greatest Italian gastronome birth

1820-2020. For the bicentennial of Pellegrino Artusi‘s birth, we point out 3 books dedicated to the father of Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well.

The stories of Artusi by Angela Simonelli, architect and food designer and Luisanna Messeri, television and radio face, a writer who was awarded with the “Marietta ad honorem” prize by Casa Artusi in 2007. The pages unfold the story of Artusi, the greatest “influencer” of Italian cuisine. The authors have chosen 50 recipes from “Science in the kitchen”, the authors give new ingredients and decorations to these dishes.

Pellegrino Artusi. The ghost of Italian cuisine by Alberto Capatti, historian of Italian gastronomy. His publication considers the three “lives” of Artusi: from his youth to the thirty years 1861-1891, when he lived in Florence, with an intense cultural activity and the first edition of a recipe book, up to the following years marked by his editorial success. The biography then adds a fourth life, from his death to today, which legitimizes the value of the recipe book with reprints and translations by several publishers.

Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well by Giunti Editore with a preface by Massimo Bottura. A special edition that updates the character thanks to the intervention of the three-star chef. Bottura describes Artusi’s work as an expression and research that transcends the role of any chef, a univocal reading of Italian gastronomic culture, forever a reminder and flagship of our identity.

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