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Sonia Peronaci: “I am a happy woman”

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Raised in a family of restaurateurs, the creator of Giallo Zafferano explains how to transform a passion into a job: “Impossible not to smile: I do what I like”

From an accountant to a food blogger it is a short step. Don’t you believe it? Ask it to Sonia Peronaci. Raised in a family of restaurateurs but without the desire to open a new business, she was the creator of Giallo Zafferano together with her partner Francesco Lopes. One of the most popular food and wine sites, not only in Italy, but also abroad. TV broadcasts, books, interviews. Now, also a space of 400 square meters, mainly dedicated to companies, where events can be organized. Always with a smile, though. Because it’s impossible not to be happy, doing what we like to do. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of Sonia Peronaci. The true one. Not the glossy one of TV or web.

Sonia, how did this adventure begin?

“It wasn’t accidental: I’m a restaurateurs’ daughter but I didn’t want to have a restaurant. I liked the material, though: if you are born and raised in a family where you always cook, since your grandmother’s times, you have a little of this world in the DNA. Therefore, with my partner Francesco, we decided to put an online website where we could cook and share our ideas, without opening a restaurant. Giallo Zafferano was born this way. Initially, among other things, it was not even our main activity. Both Francesco and I were two accountants”.

The debut on Social?

“Initially we only talked about blogs or forums. There were also sites, but it was essential to count the clicks. Today it’s still important, but all the companies would rather see the results of Facebook or Instagram than the portals”.

What is the surefire way to have visibility on Social media?

“Creating content. I am convinced that in the long term this will be the trump card. Of course, we must pay attention to the trends, but if you do what you like, you can’t go wrong”.

Do you feel some responsibility towards your followers?

“Definitely. When you have a lot of visibility, you need to be careful to what you do. Seriousness and professionalism are fundamental. Today this doesn’t happen all the time, unfortunately. This is a very crowded field and someone often jostles for visibility, therefore neglecting the content”.

Is there a chef who has particularly impressed you in these years?

“More than one. Among women, I met Rosanna Marziale and Liliana Varese. Very different from each other but both professional and pretty. Among the men, Massimo Bottura and Antonino Cannavacciuolo”.

Current or future projects?

“After leaving Giallo Zafferano in 2015, we created a 400 square meter event space in Milan, almost without looking for it, with a cooking school, mainly designed for companies. At first, it was designed for us, and then other bloggers, journalists and companies were so enthusiastic about our work, that they asked us to work for them too. I am very happy: I do what I like”.

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