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Pastry Cocktail Pairing: the new frontier of mixed drinking

By 22/02/2019January 22nd, 2020No Comments

Drinks and pastries: this is the current challenge of mixology. Sweet and alcoholic notes mixed to create a combination of well-balanced flavours and aromas

The world of food & beverage is in constant and continuous evolution, because customers are every day more demanding and looking for new stimuli. It is well known that the novelty attracts and that’s why mixology decided to approach bakery. Therefore, the “Pastry Cocktail Pairing” was born: a selection of drinks and desserts. This new (and greedy) trend reaches different target audiences as well as, for the premises, to expand the offer.

The States were pioneers of food pairing, but now Italy as well is facing this new trend and the choice seems to be successful: from North to South, many places that have moved in the direction of the “Pastry Cocktail Pairing”. “There are two ways to go: the first one is a mix between combination and balance, perfect for classic pastry. The second is a game of contrast, a choice that I suggest above all with creative desserts, for example with salted caramel “.

This is what Luca Picchi claims, the barman of Caffè Revoir 1872 in Florence, who continues: “The key word is simplicity: dessert and cocktails must have a clear taste, be united by a common thread and contain no more than four ingredients each”. He has been offering a twist of the Chocolate Martini for a long time: base of brandy and small pastry.

The drinks and sweets formula can be a successful but it is never obvious: it is essential to create the right combinations to get a good product. A real study of raw materials, flavours and aromas is the basis of all. It is also necessary to encourage customers to try this combination and it is essential to inform and “educate” them. Whether it’s an after dinner, a “snack” or a classic end of the meal, desserts and cocktails are just the perfect combination!

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