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The experience of eating traditional Veronese dishes in a contemporary art gallery at the Byblos art Hotel

We are in Verona, one of the symbolic art cities of our country, but also a place with a profound food and wine tradition.  Among its rich hills in the heart of Valpolicella, there is a historic villa from the late 1500s which has now become a luxury hotel, the five-star Byblos Art Hotel, which has made it an authentic banner of the refined combination of artistic and culinary experience.  The Byblos in addition to housing a private collection with more than fifteen hundred works of modern and contemporary art, hosts in its rooms, which have nothing to envy to the museum ones, an exceptional restaurant led by the young chef Mattia Bianchi who works constantly for three  years on the Veronese gastronomic tradition and its innovation.  We spoke to the general manager of the Byblos Art Hotel, Luigi Leardini, to learn more about the tastes, refinements and artistic beauties of this place.

Art and catering, how does this combination translate in the rooms of the Amistà Restaurant?
“Here you can enjoy a very high quality dinner surrounded by works of modern art and
Contemporary.  I am referring to internationally renowned names such as Fontana, Pomodoro, Robert Indiana or Mimmo Rotella.  A real museum in the restaurant, or vice versa if you want.  They are two connected worlds that, mutually, enrich modernity and contemporaneity in art within a historic Veronese villa “.

Is this mixture of research, experimentation and tradition also present in your menu and in your gastronomic courses?
“Mattia Bianchi, our chef, is a young talent who knows the local tradition perfectly and for this reason he knows how to bring a recipe in the field of innovation.  Two dishes above all: the gnocchi from Fioreta di malga with cedar, scampi and foie gras sauce and the Brogna lamb with Bassano red onion and morels.  Starting from two characteristic ingredients of our lands, the chef has built two extremely artistic and modern dishes.  Furthermore, Valpolicella is famous throughout the world for its wine production.  Obviously, our wine list contains about three hundred and fifty different labels, many are local, but the prince will always remain the beloved Amarone “.

If you had to choose a keyword to describe the experience at the Amistà restaurant, which one would you choose?
“Surprise.  With our work we want to surprise our guests and make them experience a singular moment, an artistic and gastronomic journey, often difficult to separate “.

So what do lovers of haute cuisine have in common with art lovers?
“Those who love good food also love art, undoubtedly.  But at the base is the sharing that unites food and work of art because both are born with the intention of being enjoyed, told and experienced by several people “.

Where will the Amistà Restaurant arrive in the future?
“We, we hope, in the firmament of the Red Michelin”.

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