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Luca Ludovici, the gourmet face of The Pantheon Icon Hotel

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In Rome, luxury hotel business meets high restaurant business. A fully-fledged “couple” with just one chef for three restaurants: they aim to the Michelin’s star with Idylle

In one of the most beautiful areas in the centre of Rome, between Largo di Torre Argentina, Piazza Santa Chiara and the Pantheon, urban redevelopment and gastronomic enhancement are underway. All financed by privates, even the street outdoor. To give form, material and spiritual, to the project of three Roman entrepreneurs: the Pacini brothers, Emidio and Fabrizio, and their partner Andrea Girolami. A solid name in the hotel industry, the Pacini’s own eleven hotels and have invested for the first time in the restaurant business, opposing to a widespread levelling down in terms of services and quality of life.

Their latest venture is The Pantheon Iconic Hotel, a five-star luxury hotel opened in a record time. In addition to the 79 rooms of exclusive design, a gourmet triplet. The Divinity, the Rooftop Terrace on the sixth floor, the cosmopolitan Liòn, a place outside the hotel but in continuous osmosis with it, and from January, the Idylle, the gourmet soul of The Pantheon Iconic Hotel, last only in chronological order. Luca Ludovici, an ambitious young man of few words, takes care of the three kitchens. Emidio Pacini likes to quote Richelieu, “Ambition with talent is a duty”, to define the seriousness of chef Ludovici who, among the most important experiences, recalls the years alongside “Mister Marchesi”. He learned from him the luxury of simplicity: among the dishes in the Idylle menu, the Lobster Tortello, is a single ingredient that will change colour at the table. The knowledge of the raw material, in fact, allows you to manipulate the ingredients: “I still remember when I had a scallop in my hand and my Teacher taught me a recipe with only one euro of food cost”. Luca Ludovici reckons that in the moment of the decisions, a person creates his own destiny. “Like the time when I went to Le Gavroche in London but the restaurant was closed, and I left my resume in the mailbox. The next day they called me back “.

States of mind and seasonality for the Idylle menu, in a path that will pay homage to Rome from 753 BC, the year of its foundation, to the present day. Sensitive, pragmatic and curious, Luca married the Pantheon Icon Hotel manifesto, immediately winning the trust of the property. “I feel in the right place at the right time”. Without hiding the dream of a Michelin’s Star.

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