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Il Portico restaurant: where useful means beautiful

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Andrea Salvetti’s design forged the cuisine of Paolo Lopriore: “now I return to the heart of my work and I dedicate myself to taste”

Cooking is a passion for chefs. The love they put into their dishes can be perceived with smell and taste. The great chefs, however, make a double effort: on one hand, it is essential to take care of cooking and preparation, on the other hand, it is important that the final work should also be pleasing to the customers’ eye. The chef Paolo Lopriore has been far-sighted and involved the late Andrea Salvetti in his creations, a designer who created exclusive works of art for him.

What innovation have you studied with Salvetti?

“We set the embellishment of the table. I’m talking about objects that are typically used to cook, but can also beautify. Among these, the oven and the smoker “.

How did design influence your kitchen?

“It made me realize that I mainly have to cook and not decorate. In this way, I emphasize what is inside the dish, and not the dish itself. These tools are functional to our work. For example, the steamer is chalice-shaped and the smoker is a tribal briar. Every object is referred to a specific issue”.

These devices aren’t just beautiful, but also practical…

“Absolutely. That’s why the design is beautiful. A work of art has a task as well. It is not an end in itself “.

In your opinion, is the combination of kitchen and design becoming more and more popular?

“Yes, it cleans up a little the idea of ​​a collaboration. This concept doesn’t suffocate: the chef isn’t forced anymore to do everything by himself. I learned to share and delegate tasks: this lightens the chef’s job. We learnt a lot from Andrea”.

Have these objects changed your perspective?

“There is a completely different concept that is not instinctive, a feeling behind every chef. It is a real project: not a simple analysis of food but an understanding of the beauty that is in the food itself. A real union between beauty and taste”.

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