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Aya and Clément: a couple in real life and in the kitchen

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Chef and pastry-chef, always together: both at home and at The Square, their restaurant in London, where you can meet professionalism, refinement and, clearly, love

At the centre of the Mayfair art scene, a luxurious district in London, The Square restaurant aims to an evolutionary approach to haute cuisine. The concept reflects an energetic, urban and contemporary attitude sustained by an elegant and luxurious style. While Chef Clément Leroy serves priceless artistic dishes, Aya Tamura (who comes from Japan) prepares her desserts to soften their guests. Whether in work or in life, Clement and Aya complete each other. Together.

Chef Leroy, you and Aya are a couple both in real life and in the kitchen. Is it unusual to ask why?

“When your wife has a lot of talent, wouldn’t you rather have her work with you than with another chef? Every coach would like to have the best players for himself in his team. I chose Aya on principle”.

How do you divide your tasks?

“I am the chef and she is the pastry-chef. Yet, we still exchange views on desserts and savoury dishes. Cooperation is everything in this work”.

Which cuisine inspires your restaurant?

“It is the expression of true French cuisine. We use many traditional techniques but with less cream and butter. The most important thing is to respect for the main ingredient, its texture and its flavour “.

What is the dish that you would recommend to a customer?

“For the savoury, definitely the “sweetbread with the calamari”. For the pastry, “San Giovanni honey wood”. These are two iconic dishes at The Square”.

Not mentioning the defects, but what are the merits of being a couple both in real life and at work?

“The same as anyone else working in the kitchen. The important thing is not to bring your work home”.

What kind of awards did you receive during your career?

“I have twice won a Michelin star in France, the title of Future Great Chef 2017 of the Gault & Millau Guide and also the title of Chevalier des arts et des lettres of the French Minister of Culture”.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?

“I think we will still work together in our restaurant. Excluding the setbacks, of course”.

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