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Abocar Due Cucine: how to bring two continents “closer”

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The Romagna tradition mixes with South American influences: in Rimini, the new star of the Italian-Argentine chef Mariano Guardianelli deserves the step. Password: contamination…

“Contamination is the most important feature of our kitchen”. The newly-Michelin-starred Mariano Guardianelli tells us about his Abocar Due Cucine: “Because abocar in Spanish means bringing closer”. In a globalized time in which a profound cultural renewal is required, it is also from the cuisine that the best ideas are born. The young chef born in Argentina and a naturalized Italian was inspired by the desire to lead his guests towards a gourmet cuisine at a reasonable price, breaking the classic protocol in favour of an informal and creative service. Restricted menu, seasonal products and multicultural fusion are the basis of excellent dishes hybridized between Romagna tradition and South American influences. All in the streets of old Rimini, the city of Camilla, his better half.

What is fusion cuisine for you?

“It is a word that is no longer used. In a moment where part of society tries to separate and not to mix, we, as chefs, travel upstream. The barriers of the world are now open”.

Argentine by birth, grown in Italy. How do these two nationalities blend in your menu?

“In dishes with local ingredients, fresh and contaminated or combined with South American techniques and raw materials, without forcing the hand. We must not impress, I’d rather approach. Original combination is ok, but balanced and harmonious”.

Contamination in one dish is for you…

“The heart of romaine lettuce, cream of pistachio powder of Yerba mate and fresh goat cheese. The Yerba mate in that dish increases the bitter of the lettuce and gives some very interesting aromatic notes”.

Two cuisines, but we also talk about Soul and Body at Abocar.

“You cannot win alone. The two Souls that represent Abocar are Camilla, my partner, and me. The hall is her kingdom. However, the people who surround us every day, the brigade, give substance to our ideas. They are the Body, and they are fundamental.”

So, for you, dualism is valid in professional as in private life?

“I always think for two. Camilla and I have been together for a long time, at home and at work. She’s from Romagna, I’m Argentinian. Two cuisines, two people, two professionals, two thinking heads that confront every day, to carry on our life project. Easy, isn’t it? Actually, it is very difficult, but as with all things, it takes patience and balance”.

What does it mean to have obtained the first Michelin star?

“Gratification for the hard work done in the last five years. Why spend so much time garnishing a dish with a sauce? Because it generates beauty. We manage to be proud of ourselves when we create beauty, a recognized and appreciated beauty. That’s why I’ve been chasing the Michelin star: it’s not because of the red sign hung outside the door, but to make others happy and food, in this, has a primary role. The goal is to make everyday life beautiful, what is already part of our life”.

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