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A pizza, a room, a smile

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Salvatore Salvo, the pizza chef who sent his boys to the “Osteria Francescana”, talks about the importance of service in a pizzeria

The quality of the dishes is always taken into account in a restaurant. Our memories relies on this fundamental ingredient too. There is, however, another important one: the service in the dining room. Gesture, the attention typical of high-level restaurants, we can find all of this also in a pizzeria. Salvatore Salvo, a Neapolitan pizza chef, owner of Pizzeria Salvo together with his brother Francesco in San Giorgio a Cremano, seems very sure about it. “Reception is essential in a pizzeria. It’s becoming increasingly complex to give people an environment that makes them feel good. That’s why the dining room plays a major role. It contributes to the appreciation of the customers’ experience “.

Can you tell us about your boys’ experience at Massimo Bottura’s restaurant?

“We wanted them to do this internship to let them understand the concept of service quality, and the importance of making the customer feel good. The idea developed thanks to Giuseppe Palmieri, maître of the Osteria Francescana. We needed this to complete a training course we were doing for our youngsters. They need to understand that they have an important role in a pizzeria that wants to evolve its quality and service”. 

Waiter and environment: same importance?

“Definitely. A beautiful environment that lacks the warmth and humanity of people has no value, if there is no one that knows how to tell it and that conveys his passion. The waiter helps and guides the customer through the experience inside the pizzeria”.

What does the customer see coming to the pizzeria for the first time?

“The venue and the dining room. Here, we try to make everyone feel like home. Of course, the product plays its own role. People are more likely to return if these three elements together catch their attention”.

The fundamental quality for a waiter?

“A smile. It means positivity and allows you to shorten distances. This is what the customer remembers”.

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