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Wood*ing Bar, protecting nature through cocktails

By 15/02/2019January 22nd, 2020No Comments

The Wood*ing Lab tells its “research” to protect the planet through its premise in Milan and the excuse of mixing. Stefano Tosoni: “The environment can still be a source of livelihood”

Mixology reminds alchemy a little. The ingredients are chosen and mixed together to obtain unique drinks. Although, this is about not some strange formula, but a constant search for new discoveries. What happens if we introduce natural ingredients like berries, herbs and flowers?

What would come out? Someone has already experienced it. Valeria Margherita Mosca, equipped with her experience both in science and in the culinary field, created the Wooding Lab, a one-of-a-kind laboratory dedicated to discovery and research, to encourage the use of wild ingredients. This passion has also lead to the birth of the first bar in the world where it’s possible to drink special cocktails created precisely by this mix of wild nature and mixing elegance, the Wooding Bar. The place was born also thanks to the success of their first book “Wild Mixology”, which describes different recipes for mixing cocktails.

“Mixology has been a tool to tell our research” explains Stefano Tosoni, member of the Wood*ing Lab team and project manager “there was the need to find a way to demonstrate that it is still possible to turn to the environment as a source of livelihood. The cocktail proved to be a communication vehicle that could reach everyone”. The beverage card is peculiar. In fact, the various cocktails have no real names, but they are numbered because they follow a scientific cataloguing.

One of the most particular is the N ° 1, which has a Mescal distillate as basis, then tea of ​​fermented bramble leaves, ground of fermented roots and goat weed, which prepares the mouth for tasting. The bar instead presents itself as an environment that gives the feeling of being in a real little house in the heart of the forest: “Respect for the environment is fundamental, because it’s the basis on which we work and make decisions” comments Valeria Margherita Mosca. She reminds us that everything comes from nature and therefore we must protect it.

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