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Rice, creamed cod, red turnip scapece, chestnuts and Apulian taralli

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Alessandro Troiani
Voia Art-Gallery




1 h min of preparation, 1 h of cooking

Doses for

4 people

Recommended wine

Trento DOC Brut


Carnaroli rice 400 g
codfish desalted 300 g
Leeks 2
Butter 150 g
Oil 2 tablespoons
Milk 600 ml
Salt and pepper
Grana Padano
already Beets medium red cooked 3
White wine vinegar 40 ml
roasted and chestnuts 500 g
dry white wine 2 glasses
Leaf laurel 1


Peel and pinch the cod. Cut it into small pieces and brown it in the butter with the leeks. After 20 minutes pour in the white wine, raise the heat and dry without burning. Add the milk and cook slowly with the
bay leaf.
After about an hour, a dense and fragrant compound is obtained. Season with
salt and pepper. Blend to make everything more homogeneous. Set aside,
when lukewarm put in the refrigerator.

In a saucepan with boiling water, insert the bag of
beets and avoid for 10 minutes on low heat, it must simmer.
Blend the beets with the vinegar, season with salt and pepper.
Transfer to a vial with a thin spout and let cool.

In a high-bottomed saucepan put the butter, the EVO oil and toast the rice.

Deglaze with wine. When dry we begin to sprinkle in hot water and
Go to stir the rice with the cod (about 8 tablespoons), the Grana Padano cheese,
pepper, season with salt if necessary and finally serve.

Arrange the rice in a bowl, beat a little to flatten, starting from the
center to form a spiral for all the rice.
After arranging the chopped crunchy chestnuts and the crumbled taralli

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