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Neapolitan Genoese

By 30/10/2019May 13th, 2020No Comments


Marco Giugliano
Doma Restaurant
Miami, Florida




1 h min of preparation, 8/10 h of cooking

Doses for

4 people

Recommended wine

Coda di Volpe
Sannio DOC


Coppery onion 1 kg
Meat 400 g
(beef ribs or beef ribs are recommended)
carrot 1
Chicken broth 400 g
Wine 600 g
Extra virgin olive oil to taste


Cut the onions into julienne strips, chop the carrot, take the meat and cut it into
equal pieces (the size is subjective) in order to cook together: it is
important to cook slowly.

Chicken broth

Take the chicken carcasses and put them in a pan with water, onion, carrots and herbs to taste. Boil everything for an hour, then filter all the broth.
(Tip: I use broth because it is full of vitamins, it lightens the
Genoese flavor and helps in cooking)

Now take a large steel pot, heat the oil and add the pieces of meat, brown it well with salt and pepper. Then add the onion and the chopped carrot, cook everything for about 20 minutes and put the wine; then a little chicken broth and cook for 8/10 hours.

When everything is ready, cook the pasta separately (candles are recommended
as a format). When cooked, add the Genoese sauce with a
grated Parmigiano Reggiano.

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