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Duck, cauliflower and mandarin

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Nicola Annunziata




25 min of preparation, 30 min of cooking

Doses for

4 people

Recommended wine

Rosso di Montalcino


Duck breast 300 gr
Cauliflower 200 gr
Mandarin 1
Pumpkin seeds 10 gr
Aromatic herbs
Brown sugar 5 gr
Amber vermouth 5 gr
Salted butter 50 gr
Salt and pepper


First cut the cauliflower in half, salt lightly, a pinch of ground black pepper and add some salted butter. Close the foil and bake at 230° for 25 minutes.

After cooking, recover the waste and prepare the cauliflower cream.
In a hot pan put the tangerines, side of the peel, to caramelize
lightly with brown sugar. As soon as they reach the
right caramel , blend with amber vermouth, when ready to set aside and
then complete the dish.
Blanch the duck breast in a pan with aromatic herbs, a drizzle of oil and
salted butter .

Cooking must be delicate, always pink in the center.
Blanch first on the skin side and then finish by napping * with salted butter on the meat side.

Leave to rest for a couple of minutes and regenerate in the oven with 3/4 minutes at 180 °.

Place our cauliflower cooked in the oven, next to the cauliflower cream obtained
with the scraps on top of the pumpkin seeds, then the caramelized tangerines and finally the
duck breast with aromatic herbs.
Finish everything with a duck bottom obtained during cooking.

* often cover something while cooking with a sauce.

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