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Beyond the concept of organic wine: Pizzolato

It is a future-oriented direction the one taken by Cantina Pizzolato, a Treviso-based winery specialising in the production of organic and vegan wines since 1991. When they launched in 2021 – on the occasion of the winery’s fortieth year in business – a project for the sustainability of the entire production chain with the creation of a line of labels that not only deal with organic wine but actually involve all the stakeholders gravitating around the production of the bottles.

The line is composed of six wines that embrace the concept of ‘basic’ as the highest celebration of the essential and identity values of the winery. Whose philosophy has always been focused on respecting and caring for the environment. Three white wines – Chardonnay DOC Venezia, Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia and Manzoni Bianco DOC Piave – one Pinot Grigio Rosato DOC Venezia and two red wine proposals – Raboso IGT Veneto and Pinot Nero IGT Veneto.

A place of honour goes to Pinot Grigio, one of the most popular and well-known grape varieties both nationally and internationally. The Pinot Grigio from the Back To Basic line is an organic and vegan white wine with the DOC Venezia designation. Produced from only Pinot Grigio grapes from the Pizzolato farm.

The highlights

Its highlights make it a perfect aperitif wine, but also also an ideal choice for first and second courses, such as grilled and steamed fish, first dishes with seafood and vegetarian meals. On the palate it is fruity, with clear hints of toasted almonds, dried hay and walnut husk, velvety smooth and with a balanced acidity.

Pinot Grigio DOC Venezia embodies the true identity of the Back To Basic line. An ambitious project that celebrates the virtuous practice of the circular economy, aiming to go beyond the concept of organic wine to embrace a broader perspective of sustainability, in a process of creation and recycling of all the materials involved. The aim is indeed to reduce the impact of the wine supply chain on the environment to the minimum, involving all players in an all-round environmental sustainability plan.

The certified organic and vegan grapes exclusively come from the winery’s own vineyards. The bottle is made of 94% recycled glass and sustainable cork, the label is made from cotton industry waste and with the least possible use of ink. While the capsule and cardboard of the packaging are derived entirely from recycled materials.

There are therefore five ecological and environmentally friendly elements:

-The vines are the heart of the project. Pizzolato produces organic and vegan grapes that come exclusively from the winery’s own vineyards. Approximately 15 hectares are assigned to the Back to Basic lines (six of which are Pinot Grigio vineyards) and where the wines are produced . In addition to Pinot Grigio, Pinot Grigio Rosato, Raboso Piave, Pinot Nero, Manzoni Bianco and Chardonnay.

-The glass used to create the line is based on a highly innovative use of materials. It is the Wild Glass, whose mixture is 94% recycled glass. This glass is 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) certified and enables a production whose ecological impact is extremely low.

-The 100% sustainable cork stopper, a natural, renewable, recyclable and re-usable ecological material. Allows to offset for its production a CO2 level of 297 grams, engraved in the stopper itself.

-The label, made of 100% recycled Sabrage paper. Contains no plastics or other non-naturally derived materials and it is obtained from the waste of the cotton industry processing. Also, it occupies as little space as possible on the bottle due to the desire to use the least amount of glue conceivable. The debossing technique minimises the use of inks, whose colour is engraved by offset processing, which is also the least impactful.

-Finally, the cardboard packaging. For Back To Basic wines, Cantina Pizzolato opted for a material made from 79% recycled paper and low environmental impact colours are used for printing.

Back to Basic is a wine line that strips away everything to become a messenger of a return to the origins. This project shows all the power of simplicity and essentiality and it perfectly embodies the three values that have always animated the philosophy of the Treviso-based company: respect for the environment, research and sustainability.

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