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Who i am

Look around you. It might be there next to you. In the waiting room of a station, as a seat neighbor on an airplane, as a diner in a restaurant. It won’t be hard to recognize, although no one really knows how it’s done. A few details could help you: taste in dressing, a copy of So Wine So Food always at hand, a notebook on which to take notes. The beard above all. It is his yardstick. The way in which the Man of the Stars expresses his appreciation for the restaurants he visits. Starting in March 2017, the initial mission of the most feared Unknow but also invoked by the stars was to visit all the three Michelin star restaurants in Europe. To our Man of the Stars, however, “hunger came by eating”: the project, therefore, expanded, reaching other continents as well. He is the Man of the Stars and are you ready to follow him?

Are you ready to follow me?

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Project by K-Lab
Registered news media N. 15/2016 Velletri (RM) court