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Magazine ENG June 2020

The ice cream that knows no crisis is handmade

Between delivery and take away, the Gelato Makers Association continued to enhance those who work transparently

In terms of artisan tradition in the world of ice cream, Italians have no rivals and for some years there has been a cultural movement with its own ethical code that protects this food.  Let’s talk about GxG – Gelatieri per il Gelato, an association that has become a communication bridge between professional artisans and foodies who choose to eat “real” and artisan ice cream.  Fabio Bracciotti, in addition to being its President, is Master Ice Cream Maker of the Sorbetteria Crème Glaucée: he, like all members of the Movement, has embraced the principles of transparency, respect, quality and ethical issues that have recently come to the attention of the Senate thanks to the proposals  of law presented on the professional figure of the ice cream maker and on the definition of what high-quality artisan gelato means.  A community born from “free movement of ice cream makers that has become a cultural association” which with the associated ice cream parlors maps practically the whole Italian territory, even reaching beyond the border with reality in Vietnam, Germany and France.

How have you dealt with the difficult situation of the past few months?
“Of course we were all overwhelmed by what happened.  Several have closed down while others have focused on home deliveries, some even in the red zone.  We communicated through social channels to address the issue of home deliveries and subsequently take away, planning the most suitable way to deal with phase 1. In this second phase, however, we are focusing on communication both through the media and with our  stores.  The aim of highlighting the difference between artisanal and commercial ice cream “.

How did you get on with the delivery?
“It was a very useful tool.  We were amazed at the excellent results achieved.  Despite the introduction of takeaway, delivery continues to be successful.  It will certainly not be abandoned: you have to understand that nothing will be like before and therefore know how to adapt.  It is an interesting type of business, not only on a statistical level but also on a human level, it allows you to understand the customer “.

What summer will this be?
“We had a series of events on the calendar that we had to cancel.  The only one left is an initiative called Operation Transparency and takes place in our stores.  Basically, we bring customers’ attention to the book of ingredients.  It is very important for us: in this way we highlight the use of raw materials, accentuating the fact that we do not use saturated fats, artificial flavors or similar factors.  We explain to customers what they eat.  For the future there is the idea of ​​recovering other events and being able to grow as a number of associates also abroad “.

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