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Magazine ENG June 2020

The Castelli Romani restart from territorial tourism

From networking to networking.  In Lazio, the Castelli Romani Food & Wine Association, after the support given to local families and hospitals, launches its own website

“The Castelli Romani Food & Wine Association – says Fabrizio Silvestri, president of the group – is a social network that unites chefs, restaurateurs, companies and producers with the aim of giving visibility and promoting restaurants, businesses and the quality of the products of  our territory “.  Born in 2018, from an idea of ​​Alain Rosica, chef of the Belvedere since 1933, and of Dario Rossi, master ice cream maker of Greed Avidi di Gelato, “the Association – says Rosica – has sanctioned those synergies and those relationships that for years  they were present among the local operators in the sector.  The only missing step was to give a name and an identity to these relationships in order to be able to create a brand that represented the territory and constituted an induced for the growth of all the companies united within “.
The coronavirus emergency has affected the whole territory and, although many of the activities have chosen to close for the quarantine period, the Association has been very active in terms of charity.  In fact, “this was the best way – continues the chef of the Belvedere – in which our companies, closed suddenly, could exploit the material;  so we decided to donate our products mainly to the Emergency Department (Tor Vergata, Policlinico Casilino, Policlinico dei Castelli Romani) and to the community of Sant’Egidio “.  The Association would like to react to the emergency and lockdown with events and cooking shows, but “At this moment – as Dario Rossi points out – there is nothing sure, even organizing anything becomes very complex.  The idea is, as soon as it is possible, to create an event that promotes Made in Italy, Lazio products and companies to restart tourism and the local economy.  Before the emergency, there were many planned initiatives.  In fact, together with the president, we had thought of promoting the products of the Castelli Romani through participation in EXPO 2020, and unfortunately everything ran aground “.  The Association’s website will also be launched shortly, “With the aim – admits the ice cream master of Greed – to present photos of the participating companies, tell the story of all the members, promote local products.  After its launch, it will be used above all as a real showcase to expand the membership of the Association, which now consists only of the 9 founding members, and to encourage agreements with producers, restaurateurs and companies that base their philosophy on quality and  promotion of local products “.
“The Castelli Romani – Silvestri concludes – can get up from this situation only thanks to internal tourism and it is from this that we must start again.  Communication, in this sense, plays a fundamental role so that the concept can be spread that spending time and tasting local products immersed in the scenery of the Castelli Romani is an added value “.

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