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La Fortuna Restaurant Dynamic Cuisine in Cremona: from a dough disc to a real course

A “dynamic” cuisine always on the move. A gastronomic proposal that enhances the ingredient and an innovative technique. Great creativity in essential and contemporary dishes for Simone Livraghi, executive chef of the restaurant La Fortuna Cucina Dinamica in Campagnola Cremasca (CR). 32 years ago the owner Luca Mariani founded this restaurant that has evolved over the years, with the idea of creating a new catering project supported by a restyling of the restaurant, in 2018. The primary concept of La Fortuna is to offer to the customers a 360 degree food and wine experience, giving everyone the opportunity to access a kitchen with affordable prices. Among the novelties of the 2020 menu we find the gastronomic leavened, an idea from chef Livraghi developed as if it were a real kitchen dish, even at the level of weight. A new concept of leavened, evolution of the gourmet pizza, which turns into a real dish: a disc of light and airy pasta with top quality ingredients.

What is the culinary proposal of “La Fortuna Cucina Dinamica”? Why Dynamic Cuisine? ” We especially focus on three proposals: the gastronomic tapas, an offer designed for those who want to sit at the table and have fun in a convivial way. They are all made following the finger food concept, you can range from the one with cheese, to the pappa al pomodoro one, up to the macaron with cod. The second proposal is the contemporary trattoria: apart from what we call “the dishes of the heart” (risotto, salted cod, selection of Florentine meats, braised veal cheek, finally “l’Ambrogio”, highlight dessert of the restaurant), other courses may change based on the expense we make. The third is yeast. It consists of two proposals: a part is written on the menu and a part that weekly varies according to the availability of fresh products”. What is the leavened food? ” A disc of dough that becomes a real dish. We are talking about long-maturing doughs, even of 4-5 days with high quality flour. For seasoning we use our veal pillow, salted cod or fish carpaccio, with various combinations. For a long time I wanted it to become a kitchen dish, so also in terms of weight and size. It doesn’t get small, because I think this way you don’t risk losing the fragrance. From January we started with this novelty and then we found a name that I think suits him. We don’t call it pizza, simply because it’s something different”. How is it structured? ” The size of this disc is small, it is about 110 grams, already finished to be served as a kitchen dish. So you have the opportunity to taste more than one”. What is the leavened product most in demand? ” It is called Profumo Mediterraneo with buffalo mozzarella cheese, cantabrian anchovies, the caper of Scauri, a very small and valuable type, oregano, which is daily dried and sieved in order not to lose the aroma, the evo oil and the organic Abruzzese tomato”. What types of leavened products of this kind do you propose? ” At the moment we have six types of leavened products on the menu: from the Mediterranean to the one with the most extravagant combinations with shrimps and pineapples. One of the most particular is the one with cod, black garlic and apricot, but obviously we are often changing our proposals so you can always find different and characteristic courses”. What do you usually bake in your restaurant, in addiction? ” Talking about baked goods we produce bread and breadsticks of various types: steamed, but also with a traditional baking. Having the good fortune to have Luca in the kitchen, master in this discipline, we can also produce panbrioches which are very difficult to bake”.

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