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The secrets of pizzeria I Masanielli, the best pizza in the world according to the ranking 50 Top Pizza 2020

“Being the number one in the world involves a great sense of responsibility, you have to commit to the maximum of your energies, exponentially increasing the expectations of all those who come to visit you”. That’s how begins the interview with Francesco Martucci, patron of I Masanielli and the most acclaimed and fashionable pizza chef of the moment. He is the number one for real: this month the 50 Top Pizza 2020 guide has been published, placing it on the podium of a world selection of pizza makers. ” The difference? Our identity. Our pizza is recognizable. Rebellious, if I had to find a term, like the music of the Sixties”. And to be the best pizza chef in the world in Caserta, a rival province compared to Naples, which has always held the record for the birth of pizza margherita, you have to have guts. ” The dough must be the protagonist, I do not like to be called Neapolitan or crunchy, I do not like to enter into some scheme, I love that people come to see me without any kind of preconception. The importance should instead be the leavening, for our dough there are about 36 hours, so that it is as digestible as possible,” said Martucci. At the beginning it only was a take-away pizzeria. It was the students who discovered it. And appreciate it. Then in 2012 I Masanielli became a restaurant, 70 tables, and changed the fate of pizza in Italy. In 2017 he moved to a facility of 500 square meters, 300 of them dedicated to the kitchen: a madness that has probably given him the title of best in the world, a revolutionary idea. ” The time you spend at the restaurant is precious, each one of us has a special predisposition so it is important to pamper the customer, but the essential thing is having a chameleon service for every need” says Martucci, who knows how to make their customers feel good. ” I like to tell the ingredients and how our pizzas are born, each with its own story. I want to describe them before the customer tastes, to prolong the pleasure of tasting” concludes Martucci who personally selects its suppliers between small artisan producers and real farmers. ” First of all, I am interested in establishing a human relationship with them, an understanding of how to work their fields, how they treat their animals, how they feed them. To get on my pizzas, their products must share my own philosophy“.

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