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The guide to the best shops to be reached anywhere by food delights

How to find the best gastronomic products in a few clicks? The Italians increase, for the third consecutive year the consumptions of the field, with a +2.6%. So much so that the giant Veepee Italia has chosen to shift its attention from the world of fashion to food, focusing on the search to “select brands that are the excellence of Made in Italy and gourmet products, so to speak, wine bar”, says Andrea Scarano, Veepee Italia Country Manager. Of course, many small niche companies have their own personalized ecommerce or rely on a chain of sales specialized in gourmet: this is the case of Eataly, present in several cities of Italy (also with ecommerce), where from this month you can taste Ora King Salmon, defined by the NY Times the “sea wagyu”, the only species of King salmon bred in New Zealand. Coltivatori di Emozioni is the first Italian social farming platform: the aim is to support agricultural traditions through a model that allows individuals to adopt farmers guardians of our traditions. A platform through which the supporter can relate to small farms and decide to support, with his contribution, specific agro-food traditions ( If you miss the Christmas markets and high mountain flavours, the right address is, over 2200 products available on the platform, from speck to mulled wine, from pure apple juice to dumplings, from Pur Südtirol, or “the purest Tyrol”. It’ll be like a ski trip home. For fish lovers on find Callipo, one of the best tuna in Italy. The packages are created by the Calabrian designer Antonio Aricò and made by prisoners of the prison of Vibo Valentia, as part of an important work and training project initiated within the prison. If you love smoked salmon, try Claudio Cerati’s on try the heart of fillet Gold Edition 250 g, with a velvety and buttery texture, is a fine selection of the best salmon, transformed into a brilliant bar. Is the pig your religion? The solution is, from the country salami to the boxes that contain the combos of cold cuts and wines of the Lombard territory, to the guanciale and the flavored lard, after seventy years of experience in cured meats, the latest generation has taken in hand the Pasini salami factory. From the Food Valley The Antica Corte Pallavicina in Polesine Parmense (PR), the historic Culatello kingdom of the Spigaroli family, puts in a box all its knowledge and its great passion for the territory, and sends home from the cold cuts of tradition (strolghino, culatello, spalla cruda, salami, coppa della Bassa, etc.), typical wines on Bottega Mazzolino – gastronomic spin-off of the homonymous Tenuta Mazzolino, small clos of Burgundy in Oltrepò with internationally renowned wines – are a loving tribute to the territory, small refinements that tell the story of a product and a producer and that are the perfect expression of the place of origin. Olimagiò, charming farmhouse and farm in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, lets taste the jams, oil and products of the garden of the Holiday Farm Versiliana Vegetables in oil and vinegar, cheese and cured meats, here are some of the products of the farm of Treviso Nonno Andrea ( For gardeners made according to tradition, the address is, a virtual shop, a meeting place between the taste and the recipes of sweet and sour vegetables created by Morgan Pasqual, creator of La Giardiniera di Morgan. From gardeners to monovarietals, pickles to Morgan’s

finest, each jar is named after a member of the family. At Palazzo di Varignana, in the hills of Bologna, from the shop of the resort and farm you can buy the new oil, in the monovarietals of Vargnano , Claterna and Stiffonte, but also wine, jams and juices, honey and saffron ( Speaking of oil, try also that of Laudemio, Tuscan extra virgin olive oil ( produced by Frescobaldi. Every year, in November, for his birthday, the first bottle of the new harvest is given to Prince Charles of England. Fancy a glamorous pasta? Voiello presents La Scaramantica an elegant hatbox made with fine Made in Italy paper that speaks of Naples and Campania, within the most iconic numbers and representative of the Neapolitan Smorfia – the 1 (Italy), the 25 (Christmas), the 75 (Pulcinella) and 82 (the table set) – available on Amazon. For the typical Venetian fresh pasta instead a new opening in Milan, BIGOLI, three friends, with food experiences behind: a perfect choice to find fresh pasta online ( Pizza base, focaccia, but also homemade cakes? The address not to be missed is that of Forno Follador in Udine ( since 1968: we recommend the bread Trittico Bio, also perfect to be heated in the oven. Passing to the desserts on between tradition and technology is the classic hazelnut cake of Monferrato. Biscuits and cakes of clear Venetian inspiration: the address is that of Dario Loison and his pastry founded in 1938: among the recommended sbrisolona and biscuits single servings or purchased in the milk decorated, also to be kept on display, once finished ( On the ecommerce of Bodrato Cioccolato you will find the best creations of Fabio and Paola Bergaglio, who since 1943 have carried on the family tradition with pralines, chocolates and cut Chocolate, a product of the Piedmontese tradition, for those who love hazelnuts ( Yet more pralines for the Belgian chocolate shop based in Milan Charlotte Dusart: there is the possibility to customize every creation made with chocolate on the provided and greedy shop And recently the chocolate for catering and high pastry in Valrhona is available to the public: for those who love to make high quality homemade cakes, it is definitely the most suitable chocolate ( A contemporary reworking of the most exquisite tea ceremony? If you are a fetishist of this ancient technique the solution is the new collection Warming Joy signed Tea Fortè, in limited edition ( If instead you love organic herbal teas, perfect for those suffering from insomnia or you want to dedicate a moment of relaxing break, are recently in Italy Wilden Herbals ( Lovers of juices, tea and, why not, tonic, to match with a good gin? The right ecommerce for you is, where you can also find the new tonic Cortese. If you are looking for a craft coffee the advice is Goppion with the formula ground or grains, this Venetian roaster dates back to 1859 ( On there are niche distillates: an example, the Vermouth del Professore, Gold Medal of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2020 at the Spirit Selection. From Lake Como Rivo Gin, produced by the Rivolta family, is distilled in discontinuous copper still in bain-marie: twelve botanical species used, which include rare ingredients harvested by hand (the art of ‘foraging’) in the meadows around Lake Como. Ginarte is the Tuscan premium gin whose new bottle is totally dedicated to the famous artist and icon, Frida Kahlo, created by the Dutch painter Lou Thissen. Among

the botanists the nepitella, the safflower, the Reptilian odorata, the ford of Montefeltro and the robbia (

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