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Our experience among starred, gourmet and street food in a Rome that loves to eat out (or having dinner brought home)

Once upon a time there was dinner outside. Today comes straight home.
In short, the dinner outside becomes “organized at home”: most of the time it is the phone and a finger ready to order. Delivery has never changed, despite the various Prime Ministerial Decrees, the offer has only expanded. Even before this period, the delivery had saved many dinners, but today the scenario in which it fits is much more complex. Today it must not only save last minute dinners, it is the main activity (and almost only allowed) of restaurants and clubs. And here delivery also becomes starry, personalized and trendy, wrapped in an attractive packaging that responds well to the image of that chef. But what are the best delivery in Rome? We have tried to draw up a ranking, dividing the delivery of starred restaurants, gourmet restaurants and those offering street food, also proposing different types of price.

The starry restaurants

Delivery is new to them. Despite what one might imagine, the demand for a starry dinner at home in Rome is increasing more and more questions. The stars that offer this service have designed menus to measure delivery. Undoubtedly, a good proposal to spend a pleasant evening with those who love (but also alone!) without having to give up good taste and the charm of the stars. From the historic center, the landlord, Alessandro Pipero, serves the entire capital. Piperhome is the menu to choose from: it goes from the tasting menu (90 euros) to lasagna carbonara (escamotage that allows you to enjoy the most famous carbonara of Rome still such and not as an omelet, at the price of 18 euros); then there are the cubotti of polenta and mushrooms (14 euros)I bao steamed with sausage and friarelli (three to 13 euro), maritozzo “sca-fish” or slice of pork panata (20 euro). The packaging clearly respects the elegance of the restaurant. The formula chosen by chef Giulio Terrinoni is that of “caps”. The dishes to be tasted by Per Me are offered in different possibilities: three caps at 33 euros, five at the price of 55 euros or the entire menu (10 caps) at 100 euros. Fish is the protagonist of every dish, even of the “tripe” of monkfish, spectacular. Angelo Troiani del Convivio Troiani proposes a menu to be completed at home: providing every indication, you can “give your own touch” to the roasted rabbit with blackberry and porcini mayonnaise (20 euro for two people)or the roasted pork shank with pomegranate and ginger sauce (35 euro three servings). It is also possible to order the tasting menu 5 dishes for 50 euros per person. Cristina Bowerman of Glass Hosteria offers her unmistakable signature in her menu: all of Rome can enjoy her idea of gourmet delivery at 90 euros per person. Sashimi of amberjack, almond milk and peaches, cherry tomatoes and bagna modern cauda, up to lamb with carrots to coffee and gorgonzola and espresso soup.

The gourmet restaurants
Molto promises to bring not only the dishes but the entire restaurant home! You can also choose to order the full service of waiters, dishes, tablecloths and flowers. The delivery menu includes the main dish of the Parisian restaurant: black chicken of Burgundy and suckling pig, both with roasted pork. Finally, tarte tatin with cinnamon

custard or pear cake and chocolate, just to mention a few of the desserts. At Le Carrè Francoise you can dine in France, staying comfortably at home. Gourmet dishes, boulangerie, freshly baked bread, cheese, wine: everything is on the delivery menu. Try the renowned onion soup (12 euros) or parmentier (19 euros) or ouef bourgignon (19 euros). Gnocchi alla romana and veal sweetbreads to the miller with a bottle of wine that arrives fresh in delivery: here is the proposal of a real trattoria with a gourmet touch, that of Pennestri. If you have never tried the Alfredo Linguine decantate, the right delivery address is from Alfredo Alla Scrofa, directly from the person who invented it. From CON.TRO Contemporary Bistrot that had just opened in Monte Mario, the advice is pasta, chickpeas and cod or tripe Roman style. From Jacopa to Trastevere the menu “on the terrace as at the sea” is perfect for fish lovers. While if you love typical Roman dishes, the choice can only fall on Atlas Coelestis.

Street Food
A separate chapter deserves pizza. From Angelo Pezzella the careful study that led on the dough, makes sure that the pizza is perfect anhce in delivery and in its specific art, gourmet pizza. Al 384 offers in the menu round innovation, classic and stuffed. The ingredients chosen for each are all of great selection: even fried respond to the principle of selection and homemade. In La Masardona he sends you Naples in the delivery bag. Even in the most distant areas. The goodness of pizza is given thanks to the packaging that allows not only pizza to arrive hot, but that does not arrive rubber. At the base a careful research on the dough that makes the name Masardona resonate as a great tradition of Neapolitan pizza. How to give up the greedy supplì or lasagna dell’Antico Forno Roscioli, the renowned gastronomy of the Capital? Also in delivery, of course. Sushi is a type of restaurant born for delivery: from Madame Gu the Rising Sun arrives intact in all its perfumes. Try the miso and shrimp soup (which in the journey, will not suffer damage, we assure you). Not only sushi. Or rather, Rude Centocelle’s proposal is a very interesting fusion experience: from Tako Bao with octopus to Blank Angus tartare with smoked eggs, porcini mushrooms and fermented dill. Among the ethnic groups the choice falls on Carnal, the South American restaurant of Roy Caceres. Its delivery is based on three boxes with dishes to assemble. The tacos box starts from a reinterpretation of the classic tacos: several cooked meat fillings are also supplied with sauces, from guacamole cream to Mayo Chipotle. The BBQ box includes various types of meat already cooked, such as pork ribs marinated in beer and various accompaniments such as corn cob with butter and herbs or pineapple marinade. The Pescado box with chevice also deserves a lot. Spain revisited Italian style and delivered at home, happens by Antica Fonderia. The touch of the chef Alba Esteve Ruiz is clearly gourmet: the proposal ranges between various types of paella (delivered with the typical pan), you can also order grilled artichokes with liver pate, ricotta cream and citrus fruits (10 euros), gnocchi (to be cooked) with chorizo and sage sauce (13 euros).

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