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Here’s how to extricate yourself in the food delivery of Milan, the Italian homeland of the Italian phenomenon

The solution is simple: either you cook at home or you order in delivery (or at most you opt for the take-away solution, if close to home). But who knows how to make a Neapolitan pizza, a sushi to art or a cake author? The delivery solution seems the only solution in this period. Whether starry or a simple street food, the proposal is increasingly wide, and Milan is certainly the most advanced city in terms of both offer and “technology” between apps, delivery services and packaging agreements that maintain the stability and warmth of food. Most chefs, pre lockdown, had never thought of delivering, but the situation forced them to reinvent themselves with fun and creative proposals. There are also cooking boxes and various proposals to complete at home, thanks to preparations to be completed: thus increases interactivity and closeness to historic customers and new customers.

The sushi passion goes crazy

Surely the ethnic and fusion proposal with dim sum, sushi and bao protagonists is the one that best suits the delivery. Try the one by Haruo Ichikawa who was the creator of the Michelin star in Iyo in 2014, the first Japanese restaurant to get it: recently opened the restaurant of the same name: try the nigiri with grilled eel or the ventresca of bluefin tuna. Unforgettable are the uramaki Tropical Wave, with shrimp in tempura, cream cheese, carpaccio di ricciola and jalapeño and yuzu emulsion or the ravioli stuffed with pig with saffron puff: from Izu Creative Experience delivery has been doing it for over 10 years. AJI, is the hi-tech delivery and take-away service of Japanese and Asian cuisine that has seen together the legendary trio of Claudio Liu (IYO Taste Experience), Federico Zhu and Yinlu Lin, strong experience of IYO Taste Experience: do not miss the gyoza, gunkan, nigiri-sashimi, the hosomaki and the chirashi. Of recent inauguration, for now still in dark kitchen are poke “balanced” with the support of a nutritionist of Pacific Poke, landed in Milan after Turin. Double proposal with Bomaki and the new Poku by Bomaki, Hawaiian poke with 12 recipes with an Asian touch given by different dressing (yuzu, sesame, teriyaki). Miso lovers? Ramen Shifu’s broth is homemade and is based on the original recipe of the region of Hakata, district of the city of Fukuoka. Creative bao and ravioli that mix east and west, accompanied by cocktails to perfection, the address is Bob Milano, one of the best cocktail bars in Milan.

The great tables of catering

Virtually go back to the restaurants of the heart. Many bring the menu directly to your home. Chef Eugenio Boer with the service [bu:r] a casa amazes with pigeon macarons or pork ribs lacquered with honey and spices. Chef Marco Ambrosino of 28 places brings home the essence of his cuisine of Ischia and in addition to the classic menu, also offers gourmet sandwiches. Four special menus for the Mi View Restaurant, the restaurant of Artigiano in Fiera Live. You can choose the entire menu of the restaurant Sadler on and eat a starry cuisine even at home. The bistro of the bistellati Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani arrives at home with the delivery of VOICE Aimo

and Nadia. The dishes of Daniel Canzian’s Italian Contemporary Cuisine arrive at home, with a proposal of four menus. And for those who want to taste the authentic flavors of the countryside, from Cascina Vittoria in Pavia chef Giovanni Ricciardella brings to Milan the plin Milanese…. “Homage to Milan”, the “mixed boiled meats…. but twice”, with homemade fruit mostarda and green sauce or even the braised Piedmontese Fassona all’Amarone and Barolo, cooking sauce and crispy stone ground polenta.

Brunch and breakfast in bed, no longer a luxury

Pain au Chocolat, squirrel with apples and hazelnuts, two-tone chocolate, but also celeriac cutlet with a few eggs or scrambled eggs enriched with chives: just some of the specialties of brunch of Capra and Cavoli. I want a steaming cup of coffee, juice, pancakes with smoked salmon and eggs with bacon? At Mugs&co you can try all this, directly in bed. Six different breads and 5 types of baguettes, then viennoiserie, Madaleine and especially the delicious quiche Lorraine: they are found from the boulangerie Egalité. Sweet or savoury, the choice is served with the new delivery of the historic Pasticceria Clivati to order family breakfast boxes, romantic brunch and birthday brunch. From Pasticceria Martesana the cake travels on wheels: you can order over 40 types of mignon. For meat lovers the solution is one: Mannarino, with its ribs, chops, sausages and especially the Apulian bowlers.

Essential appetizers and street food
The beauty of Emilia Romagna at home: the port Dispensa Emilia, with its tigelle with at least fifteen variants and fried dumplings accompanied by cold cuts. Gourmand sandwiches for brunch? Pasticceria Panzera has been preparing delicious appetizers since 1931, now also in delivery. If the desire for burgers prevails, the choice falls on the best of the city, At the Market Street of the chef Eugenio Roncoroni, strictly to order together with the truffle fries. Are there two addresses for fresh pasta to consider? Frades Porto Cervo has recently opened a shop in Milan, to enjoy the delicacies of Sardinia at home. Unforgettable culurgiones to heat in the pan or seadas fried, as a dessert. They have recently opened a new format dedicated to pasta: it is called Bigoli, a new artisan workshop of three friends who make typical Venetian pasta. A mixture of organic wholemeal flour, with natural leavening of 24 hours, crunchy and light: ordered from the Gūd Food list, directed by the expertise of the starred chef Stefano Cerveni. At Prima Food Bar, try eggplant bon bon bon and pinsa margherita, accompanied by a cocktail service. And to come back home a bit, if you’re not from Milan, Pizzium has dedicated to each region its regional pizzas: the most fun are Tuscany with wild boar sauce, Calabria with ‘nduja and Rossini from the Marches, with mayonnaise, invented by the composer.

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