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In these months of pandemic and lockdown, the locals of the Emilia-Romagna capital are increasingly relying on delivery services to survive and remain in the heart of their loyal clientele.

For almost a year Italian catering has undergone drastic changes. The Coronavirus earthquake has in fact made necessary numerous modifications and resilience tests for restaurateurs and managers of food and wine-related exercises. A real upheaval in the work of those who make the kitchen and contact with the customer their daily routine. To avoid the total lowering of the claire, many locals have decided to diversify their proposal using the delivery strategy.

In the sparkling Bologna, among colorful arcades, beautiful squares and ancient university centers are numerous activities that have chosen to rely on delivery, primarily to survive economically but also to stay in the mind and heart of their customers.
The gastronomy flows in the veins of Bologna and Bologna people; among the many intriguing delivery offers, we have selected the best.

Dispensa Emilia

Symbol of Emilianity throughout Italy, these rooms are characterized by a menu that perfectly mixes tradition with the freshness and dynamism of a rapidly rising chain. Dispensa Emilia, which this summer implemented its presence on the territory of Bologna with the opening of the restaurant in Via Stalingrado, is the perfect choice for lovers of evergreen tigella. The use of excellent raw materials and a receipt cost without surprises make Dispensa Emilia a smart option, tasty and convenient for your dinners.


The chain, present in Bologna in Via Petroni, offers a high level pizza where the quality of dough and ingredients is always put in the first place. Peculiarities of Berberè to use for its product a live sourdough capable of making the pizza highly digestible.
There are three types of dough: the classic with only sourdough and flour type one that is fermented for 24 hours at room temperature; the special, an indirect dough made with spelt flour, durum wheat Senator Cappelli and a yeast chariot mother; hydrolysis, carried out with a natural chemical reaction, obtained by allowing the broken wheat to ferment in hot water.

Trattoria da Me

Historical place of the Bolognese tradition. The first place at the popular Sky tv program “Four Restaurants” by Alessandro Borghese and the victory, in 2018, of the award “Best cutlet Bolognese” awarded by the Association “Friends of the Petronian” : these are just some of the honors that Trattoria da Me has received in recent years.

In the delivery menu there are obviously real staples of the kitchen Felsinea as tortellini broth, tagliatelle with meat sauce, cutlet bolognese, crescentine accompanied by cold cuts and tortellone “butter and gold”. Tradition is also accompanied by a pinch of innovation, brought by a tasting of cheese ice cream with rosemary wafers and

caramelized figs, or passatelli with courtyard ragout, creamy broccoli and turnip tops, Leccine olives and a pinch of licorice.

Trattoria Da Giampi e Ciccio

You know those Bolognese inns really frequented by the inhabitants of Bologna?
We do not refer to the classic “traps for tourists” only to mimic the historical gastronomic tradition of the Emilian city. At Da Giampi and Ciccio you can breathe Bolognese, location without frills, direct. A bit like cooking: simple, genuine, authentic. The delivery menu offers many delicacies: from lasagne to cutlet, tortellini, frying and green Lanzoni with ricotta and mortadella. Get ready for a dinner that is not dietetic but rich in taste and tradition.

Massimiliano Poggi Kitchen & Alley
Colombina Massimiliano Poggi Cucina, located in Trebbo (Bo), and Vicolo Colombina, a stone’s throw from Piazza Maggiore, offer two kitchens attentive to tradition and territory. One that winks at research and contemporaneity, the other more accustomed to the strong tastes and flavors of Emilia. As for delivery, the Massimiliano Poggi Cucina has thought of a box with a four-course menu to finish at home. The delivery? From Friday to Sunday for Bologna and neighboring countries. Among the dishes there will be some classics such as “Fusilli and medicine” which sees among the ingredients a fusillo Felicetti and the famous onion of Medicine (Bo). Vicolo Colombina instead offers a more traditional cuisine, dotted with comfort food so dear to customers during these dark months. The mortadella pie, lasagna, tortellini in Parmesan cream, the roasted guinea fowl, are just some of the dishes that are delivered 7 days a week throughout the center and surrounding areas.



This is the fast-paced hashtag that stands out on the social media of the dynamic restaurant in Via Majani. Also present in the renowned Michelin Guide, Oltre offers an idea of modern and original cuisine aimed at respecting and safeguarding the centuries- old gastronomic soul of Bologna.
At the stove we find Daniele Bendanti, a real Bolognese who, despite his youth, can count multiple experiences in starred between Italy and Spain.
As for delivery, in addition to the traditional meat sauce, the cotechino and a very personal selection of wines, fantastic handmade panettone prepared in collaboration with Pierluigi Sapiene, enfant prodige of Italian pastry. These products are shipped from Oltre throughout Italy and Europe.

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