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A mini guide with some of the best wine shops that offer delivery service, so you never miss the wine at home

In recent months we have experienced long periods in which it was not always possible to visit our favorite wine bars to taste a glass of wine.
Between tastings through digital means, online orders and home delivery service, wine lovers have found new ways to taste it, without ever giving up this pleasure. Despite purchases in big e-commerce are growing exponentially, many wine lovers know that the research and advice of the classic trusted “wine merchant”, has a great value. This is why many of us still prefer to buy it in wine shops and small specialized shops, also supporting the local economy. In this period, even the wine shops that would never have thought to debut in the digital world or to deliver the wine at the home of their customers, have had to open to innovative forms in order to continue to carry out their work. Even the wine shops that were far from wanting to experiment or use these new methods before the emergency, began to offer the delivery service. And we have tried several, so we can recommend our favorites.

From north to south of the boot, we have prepared a mini guide with some of the best wine shops that offer delivery service, so you never miss the wine at home:

N’ombra de Vin – Milan
Historic wine bar in Milan located in the heart of Brera, with a list of 3,000 references and a great choice of prestigious labels from the Alps.
Bicerin – Milan
In addition to a large selection composed not only of important names but also more sought after products, in this wine cellar you can also find old vintages and home tasting boxes with selected bottles.
Cantina Landi – Como
Since 1936 the Landi family offers a wide selection of products including wines, grappa, craft beers with delivery not only in Como, but also in the area of Lecco and Sondrio.

La Casa del Barolo – Turin
A paradise for fans of the “King of wines and the wine of kings”, and not only. With a selection of 1000 labels, this wine bar also offers a very original “Save Dinner Kit” which includes a technical sheet for a perfect match recommended by them.
La Vite Turchese – Barolo
Right in the heart of Barolo, it offers three tasting boxes dedicated to the world of art, created in collaboration with the “Sommelier dell’arte” Ilenia Carbonara, dedicated to Caravaggio, Andy Warhol and Pollock.

Signorvino – Verona

Not only Verona, since 2012 Signorvino has brought in the main squares of Italy a selection of 1,500 strictly Italian wine labels. And a wine specialist is always available in store or by calling, to recommend the right wine to send you home.

Enoteca al Risanamento – Bologna Francesco Barsotti takes care of a selection of wines with a great research oriented to the valorization of small Italian and French realities. It is a selection of 2000 labels, all available for home delivery.

Enoteca La Fortezza – Montalcino
The Fortress is one of the first wine bars in Montalcino, now run by Fabio Tassi who has made it a point of reference for fans and for all those who want to know the protagonists of the fascinating world of Montalcino and its Brunello.
Le Volpi e l’Uva – Florence
Florence is one of the Italian cities that hosts the largest number of wine bars, including Le Volpi e l’Uva. The selection of wines is sought after, with labels that come from small wineries throughout Italy.

Enoteca Mazzini -Assisi
In the historic center of the City of Assisi, Alessandro Gualatrucci passionately manages this wine shop that boasts a careful selection of over 1600 labels among the most prestigious in Italy, but also California and the Moselle.

Salumeria Roscioli – Rome
A landmark in the Eternal City, the winery of Salumeria Roscioli today has over 2800 labels and ranges into the best of national wine production and the world.
Enoteca Verso – Rome
A fascinating selection of 900 wines aimed at the rediscovery of rare varieties. This wine shop specializes in small and medium-sized wineries, often family-run or newly founded.

Enoteca Partenopea – Naples
Founded in 1951, it is one of the best wine shops in Naples with a selection of 3500 wine labels and 2000 spirits. It is the place where music and good wine meet. In fact, here you can buy not only wine but also guitars: the two passions of the family.

Wine and More – Lecce
Young wine shop born in 2016 from the passion of Marco and Melania Guido. In a short time it has become a reference point in Lecce. The wine selection includes 2500 labels with great attention to rose wines, very in line with the Salento tradition.

Cronta Enoteca – Cagliari
Paolo Pilloni manages with his sons Stefania and Filippo one of the best wine shops on the island. Specialized in Sardinian wines, but with an excellent selection of Champagne, national and foreign wines, beers and spirits.

Enoteca Picone – Palermo
Founded in 1946 by the homonymous family, this historic wine bar boasts more than 7000 labels. A vast selection of Sicily, the region with the most vineyards in Italy, but also a strong presence of labels from around the world.

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