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The patronage of one of the most important realities in the wine world arrives

The first level master in Food and Wine Journalism published by So Wine So Food and the Iul University of telematic studies enjoys the patronage of the Franciacorta Consortium. The trust accorded to the Master is certainly to be traced in the common intent of promoting the growth and spread of food and wine culture, especially in this historical moment put to the test by the Covid-19 health emergency. Spreading the food and wine culture therefore, but doing it with a high quality training, the one that the Master aims to guarantee by offering the possibility to choose the right direction: to give examples, it is very simple, but remaining in the wine sector, communicate these realities, it is by no means an immediate thing. There is a need for a lot of expertise. Drawing up a ranking, for example, of the best wines of the year, no matter how easy it may seem, is a job done with skill and technique. In some cases, evaluating a wine is a work that begins with the knowledge of the vines, their genetics, the cellar techniques used in the production of that wine and then arrives at the actual analysis. Far from being expressed in mere theoretical notions, this modus operandi is the basis of a quality communication that in a criticism guarantees a judgment or evaluation that is as close to reality and therefore to the objectivity that we know is the scientific criterion par excellence. And this is exactly what the Master proposes to offer. The same goes for food criticism. Knowing the organoleptic properties of foods and cooking techniques are the basic steps to then arrive at their sensory analysis. For these reasons, it was decided to entrust the teaching of the various modules to the great professionals of the food and wine sector: even the planned workshops will be the possibility of a full immersion in their knowledge and experience. This is direct proof that the Master is that extra something sought and desired by those who really want to invest in themselves and their future successfully. The patronage with the Consorzio Vini Franciacorta is part of this panorama, and will also be an active part of the Master: the patronage will guarantee in the modules relating to oenology and the approach to Italian wines, the opportunity to observe the Franciacorta world closely: the great experience of the Consortium will shed light on this reality which, in constant ferment, has led Italian bubbles to conquer the world.

So Wine So Food, its Director Dr. Elva Begaj, its editorial team and the office responsible for organizing the Master are ready and enthusiastic for this new collaboration. Aware of the sad moment that catering and the world of wine are experiencing, we are sure that restarting is the new perspective in which to create a new era for food and wine and its communication. 

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