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After numerous postponements due to a pandemic, in September a space of 4500 square meters opened in Milan that changes the concept of living food in the city

Inside the Central Station, in the heart of the capital city of fashion, design, inclusion, despite Covid.

Here the Central Market of Milan was born recently. Two floors, 32 shops, a space for meetings, presentations, events.

The Central Market was born from the need to find a place where food is experienced, told and prepared by artisans who respect and deeply know what they are talking about and what they have in their hands.

It is a space to live and share, an opportunity for cultural and social content, without losing sight of the spontaneity, simplicity and conviviality that is the basis of shared food.

In fact, everything can be done at the Market, precisely because it is the market.

A place to sit and read, eat, connect, shop and take home the excellence of the artisans of taste.

Not only that: the opening of the Central Market in Milan has kicked off the partnership with, the all-Italian start-up that has revolutionized the world of delivery, thanks to which it is possible to order the goodness of the shops and receive them comfortably at home or in the office, rediscovering the same attention to the customer, a primary characteristic of the market.

The basic idea is simple, but extremely effective.

In fact, we want to restore centrality to the figure of the artisans and their products; to return to the city an important place and an ideal square of goodness; create, produce and share cultural moments and events.

The quality of eating today is no longer an option. And at the Central Market, the goal is to create precise rules so that the flavors are state of the art. It starts with attention to the customer, then to the territory and the environment.

It then continues with the care of the workmanship, of the tradition. Finally, it grows with information on products, characteristics, their origin and processing.

The starting point is quality, with the commitment to do better and better.

Starting from these shared ideals, each shop has its own laboratory and prepares dishes on sight.

In this sense, the Central Market is the place where you can find a relationship with real, sincere and at the right price food.

All qualities that have always distinguished our local gastronomic offer.

Goodness that is known and specialties to be discovered, to eat and share on the tables, or to buy and take home.

The Central Market has always aimed to forge strong and lasting ties with the cities in which it is located.

This is because the territory, with its dense network of existing realities, is an important, attentive and active interlocutor.

And the bond that the market has been able to build is tangible, appreciated, recognized and also and above all passes through important gestures.

The places chosen for the openings of the Central Market – focal points of the fabric and environments often no longer lived – are recovered, brought to new life and returned to the city, which can return to live and enjoy them fully.

A real square within the square, a reference point for those who love and choose good food, in constant dialogue with the community to nourish body and soul every day and restore the joy of living to the public.

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