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The Italian bistellati patrol animates Dany Stauffacher’s event. And S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino becomes the stage for authentic gourmet taste

Michelangelo Mammoliti, Donato Ascani, Petet Girtler, Nin o Di Costanzo, Francesco Bracali, Alberto Faccani, Anthony Genovese, Stefano Baiocco, Matteo Metulllio, Pino Cuttaia: a patrol of super-professionals, all two Michelin stars, will be the real protagonist of the event created by Dany Stauffacher, which has now become a regular appointment of the best Ticino and Swiss “gourmet society”.

Michelangelo Mammoliti, dishes linked to memory Michelangelo Mammoliti was born in Giaveno, in the province of Turin.

Since 2014 he has been in charge of the kitchen of the La Madernassa restaurant, in Guarene, near Alba.

On top of his experiences Gualtiero Marchesi, first in L’Albereta, then in the Marchesino, in Piazza della Scala.

He continues his training in Italy, in kitchens that will leave a fundamental imprint on his life, before embarking on a 5-year pilgrimage among the cornerstones of French cuisine.

“Natural, of memory and minimal”, is how Michelangelo Mammoliti defines his cuisine, which intends to enhance the colors and flavors of the territory with an in-depth look at the world.

In his dishes the intimate recipes, which revive the distant memory of a family lunch, the scent of grandmother’s cooking, or a past suggestion.

Aromatic herbs, spices and forgotten roots find harmony in his kitchen, together with the whole plant and animal world, with everything that comes from nature.

Mammoliti’s evening is Monday 11 October, at the Meta Restaurant in Lugano.

Donato Ascani: a Lazio in Venice Donato Ascani, from Lazio from Fiuggi, born in 1987, chose hospitality because the table was discovered in his DNA: his father cooked for events, his uncle in a trattoria.

A very respectable curriculum that reaches up to Enrico Crippa, then as a second to Paolo Lopriore at the Tre Cristi in Milan.

When the man from Como left, he was briefly the restaurant’s chef, before Bartolini’s call, to become the executive of the Venice Glamor. Ascani shapes creativity, develops ideas, is a virtuoso with an obsessive attention to detail.

His cuisine was born out of a natural impulse.

Stimuli between aromas, a synthesis between territory and world, with many touches of the East to enrich the Venetian gastronomic roots.

His Lazio that emerges here and there, for example in the predilection for the fifth quarter, but discarding all the heaviness of the Roman tradition.

Ascani’s evening is Tuesday 12 October, at the Eden ROC Restaurant in Ascona.

Peter Girtler, South Tyrol in the veins Creator of dishes of the highest level, able to amaze the palate, thanks to the selection of seasonal vegetables grown on the farm of the Romantik Hotel Stafler where the Gourmetstube Einhorn is located.

Peter Girtler selects, among other things, meat from Friesian cows reared on the farm and is always on the lookout for new local gems.

He recipes “light and revitalizing” that express and enhance the South Tyrolean origins of the Chef and, at the same time, celebrate international haute cousine, mixing local peculiarities and world inspirations. Among creative chefs, Girtler is the most capable representative of holistic cuisine.

Girtler’s evening is Wednesday 13 October, at the Castello del Sole Beach Resort & SPA, in Ascona.

Nino di Costanzo, the value of belonging Nino di Costanzo has always lived in places where there was a passion for cooking and grew up respecting the traditional gastronomic values of Campania: it is precisely his love for the flavors of the land that traced his path.

Telling his places and his experiences through the kitchen, explaining with the dishes how the essence of the Campania tradition can relive thanks to modern technique and inventiveness, this is Nino’s goal … A work that Nino di Costanzo interpreted in the only credible way.

The of him. Aromas, flavors, colors. Sounds, atmospheres. Symbols, gifts, suggestions.

The ability to set trends. The gift of emotion. His Danì Maison is considered one of the coolest restaurants in the world.

Nino Di Costanzo’s evening is Monday 18 October, at the Artè Restaurant, of the Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola in Lugano.

Millimeter balance, conceptual security and sensitivity The kitchen is the real creative world of Francesco Bracali.

Growing up in the Maremma, Francesco is very attached to the flavors of the land of him, the Grosseto-born, but trying to reinterpret the tradition with an original style in continuous evolution, creating enveloping, extracting flavors, enhancing the balance: vegetable-animal; fatty-acid; bitter sweet; soft-crunchy in the encounter between apparently dissonant elements.

All his dishes need a pinpoint balance, security conceptual and sensitivity. Francesco Bracali’s evening is Tuesday 19 September at the Villa Primcipe Leopoldo Restaurant, in Lugano.

Curiosity, creativity and discipline Cooking, a passion that has accompanied Alberto Faccani since he was a child when he decided to become a cook, and which led him in 2005 to celebrate his first Michelin Star at the Magnolia in Cesenatico.

A passion fueled by continuous study, infinite curiosity and the continuous desire to experiment and learn, which over time led him to discover the world and to become, from a very young age, a member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe.

Alberto Faccani’s cuisine is a cuisine based on product, technique and research, based on the quality and enhancement of local raw materials, on the knowledge of new flavors and textures.

Alberto Faccani’s evening is Sunday 24 October at the Ristorante Blu, Restaurant & Lounge in Locarno.

Aromatic plants and his passion Stefano Baiocco started very young with Pinchiorri in Florence, continued in Paris, with Alain Ducasse and Pierre Gagnaire and again Yokohama, New York, Hong Kong, Oxford and then again Paris, Spain and again in Italy, where in 2001 he was precept as sous chef at Palazzo Sasso at the Rossellinis Restaurant in Ravello. Stefano’s cuisine actually follows a very personal inspiration, a constant journey of research undertaken by the chef. Since he arrived at Villa Feltrinelli, Baiocco has been able to concretely begin to follow his desire, for a pure, light, evident cuisine, where aromatic plants, his great passion, play an absolute role.

The lightness of the plate must be visible, it is no coincidence that the aesthetic element is of primary importance in Baiocco’s creations.

Stefano Baiocco’s evening is Monday 25 October at Villa Orselina, Locarno. Anthony Genovese: tradition and internationality Anthony Genovese, Chef patron of the Pagliaccio in Rome, was born in France from a Calabrian family who emigrated across the Alps.

The rigorous French training at the Ecole Hoteliére de Nice and subsequent experiences in the south of France allow you to acquire the great techniques. Then the return to Italy, to the Pinchiorri Enoteca and the departure to Tokyo, then London and finally Malaysia. Italy is in Anthony’s heart, in Ravello he wins his first Michelin star. Then the desire to create a personal project leads him to Rome.

Il Pagliaccio was born in 2003, today 2 Michelin stars. An institutional basis, firmly rooted in tradition, combined with more creative, international, personal combinations and ingredients. And a religious respect for quality raw materials. Anthony Genovese’s evening is Sunday 7 November, at the restaurant of the Hotel Splendide Royal in Lugano.

Matteo Metullio, true kilometer cooking The youngest chef to win both one and two Michelin stars was born in Trieste on March 3, 1989. After attending the hotel school, he chooses to pursue a professional career as a chef at the restaurants Alle Codole (BL) and at the Hotel Rosa Alpina (TN), until arriving in Alta Badia, at the Siriola of the Wieser family. “No to zero km, yes to true km” is the phrase coined by the young chef Metullio.

The important thing is that the products are of excellent quality, obtained in full compliance with the rules of the natural life cycle. At the same time, the chef, in his Harry’s Piccolo di Trieste, adopts an ethical approach to cooking, so he obtains supplies from companies that respect the course of the seasons and turns to breeders who let animals grow freely.

Matteo Metullio’s evening is Monday 8 November at the Ciani Restaurant in Lugano. Pino Cuttaia, the kitchen of Memory The precision in the work, which the Chef has learned to appreciate in the north, has met and rediscovered the warmth, passion, raw materials and recipes of his Sicilian childhood.

From this meeting of intuitions, experiences and visions, his idea of cooking was born: a kitchen in which to reinvent memories, transforming them into perfect dishes to celebrate seasons and symbols of the gastronomic history of his people.

Cooking, recalling past moments and seasons distant in time, but still close to the heart, has led to unanimous success with critics and audiences for this “poet” of the kitchen, who has brought Madia di Licata (Agrigento) to the national top.

Pino Cuttaia’s evening is in mid-November, at the Swss Diamond Hotel in Vico Morcote.

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