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The addition of water – an apparently neutral ingredient – allows you to mix and give the right balance to many cocktails

Sparkling water and cocktails: it seems a strange combination and some bartenders might turn up their noses. Yet to create excellent cocktails it is possible to use – in addition to the classic soda, seltzer and tonic water – even sparkling water. In fact, the flavor and the carbonation, in particular in relation to the soda with which it is often confused, are different. But these very characteristics can make water truly versatile and easy to use in the preparation of many cocktails, from fruity to drier ones.

First of all is the Mojito. In fact, there is a version of this drink in which, together with white rum, angostura, lime, mint leaves pounded with brown sugar and ice, carbonated water can be simply added instead of soda. For citrus fruit lovers and for those who want an alternative that is only slightly alcoholic, however, Citrus Fizz is the most appropriate option. Its preparation requires, after having sprinkled the rim of the glass wet with orange juice with sugar, to mix some lime juice, two drops of Angostura Bitter, 50 ml of orange juice and, of course, sparkling water. . Another use of citrus fruits as ingredients of a carbonated water cocktail, and for stronger palates, is represented by Cointreau Fizz. A cocktail of French origin that is prepared with the citrus liqueur of the same name, typical emblem of the city of Saint-Barthélemy-d’Anjou, to which ice, 20 ml of lime and 100 ml of sparkling water are added to obtain a tasty blend with orange flavor. These are just some of the best known examples of drinks that can be made comfortably at home and with basic ingredients and available in any supermarket.

Most drinks are made with the addition of soft drinks such as Seltz, Soda or Tonica. However, the combination of the latter with certain drinks does not always create a satisfying combination of flavors. In the first place, the Tonic is often combined with gin but the presence of sugar and its flavored taste risk putting the flavor of the alcoholic beverage into the background. The same goes for soda too. With its effervescence and the presence of sodium bicarbonate, it makes the taste of the drink dry and sometimes salty. As for Seltz, the carbonation process through the siphon introduces agents such as chloride, citrate and sodium bicarbonate into the drink that make it difficult to combine with most of the most popular and appreciated spirits. So how can you prevent the accompanying soft drink from distorting the taste of the drink? The remedy that allows you to overcome all these variables is the use of carbonated water. The neutral profile of the tap water, the presence of minerals, potassium, sodium and magnesium allows in fact not to distort the flavor of the alcoholic drink it is combined with, thus leaving a pure taste experience without aromas derived from the combination of other non-complementary drinks.

Water cocktails to stay fit

Some people struggle to hydrate properly and prefer to opt for sugary drinks. This eating behavior is not appreciated by our body. To deflect easy addictions to water, excellent water-based cocktails can be created. Through the infusion of fruit and vegetables, in fact, it is possible to give an extra touch of taste to our refreshing glass without falling into temptation with drinks and the like.

The recipes for preparing water cocktails are practically endless: according to personal tastes and the season, different fruits can be used to experiment with new recipes. They are also consumable at will and without limit because they are very low in calories. Water – with its purifying function – plays a fundamental role in weight loss.

A prime example of the use of flavored waters is the creation of a non-alcoholic Gin Fizz. In a glass with some ice cubes, pour 100 ml of sparkling water and two tablespoons of lemon syrup. At the end you can add a little soda to fill the glass and a slice of lemon.

On the other hand, the preparation of a non-alcoholic Bloody Mary is very tasty. It starts with three large ripe tomatoes which must be peeled. They are passed to the blender with a stalk of white celery and 4 drops of Tabasco. Adjustment of salt, pepper and a little lemon juice. Finally, it is served in a glass with a little ice. Finally, a preparation that allows you to stay in shape, without giving up a ritual such as an aperitif, cannot be missing. Add three tablespoons of sparkling water to a shaker with pieces of ice cold, three drops of angostura and some mint leaves. After shaking vigorously to cool everything, the mixture is served in the glasses by adding more sparkling water to top up the glass. Finally, it can be decorated with a slice of lemon.

In conclusion, water, although it may appear a neutral, sometimes useless, ingredient in the creation of cocktails, is instead decisive in some traditional cocktails to balance and enhance the main alcoholic product. It is also a fundamental component in the creation of some non-alcoholic cocktails and flavored waters, to follow the strict dictates of a diet, without ever giving up on taste.

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