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From the North Pole to the Fiji Islands, passing through the United States: a virtual tour to discover the most expensive waters and the greatest curiosities of Planet Earth.

Unique, precious and extremely expensive. From strong tastes to so delicate scents that they are perfect in pairing with wines and cocktails: the luxury water sector is studded with gems capable of exciting minds, hearts and palates.

We at So Wine So Food have decided to embark on a virtual journey around the world, in search of those waters that have been able to stimulate our insatiable thirst for curiosity.


We are located in Norway, a short distance from the North Pole, on the most inaccessible peaks of the glaciers present on the Svalbard Islands. This particular water is obtained from blocks of ice with over four thousand years of history behind it: the result is a biologically pure product. To preserve all the properties of the water unaltered, the ice is melted with the aid of a unique equipment of its kind. Water at the edge of the world.

Cost: € 84.95 for a 75 cl bottle.


We move to the chaotic United States of America where BLK is produced, a premium water characterized by an accentuated alkalinity and a totally natural black pigmentation. The intense and dark color is transferred from the contact between pure water and fulvic acids, produced by the decay of ancient organic material present in the soil.

Cost: € 75 for twelve 50 cl plastic bottles.


From the Romanian source of Ursoanea, at the foot of the Cracul de Aur massif, Aur’a flows. Peculiarities of this water are the unique properties that are given to it by a natural filtering by sand, gravel, clay and earth. Aur’a is characterized by a high pH value (8.25) and by the presence of gold and silver colloids that make it a noble water, highly recommended for the health of the body.

Awarded with numerous awards and also present in a carbonated variant, Aur’a presents itself as one of the most interesting waters on the European scene.

Cost: € 36 for six 75 cl glass bottles.


We fly to Spain, to that corner of paradise that takes the name of the Canary Islands. This is where Breeze is born, a water characterized by an accentuated delicacy and a low mineralization value. The process that leads to the bottling of this small Iberian gem is truly fascinating: the sea clouds pushed by the trade winds on the peaks of the Canaries are filtered and transformed into pure and neutral water, perfect for pairing with wines and cocktails.

Cost: € 9.50 for a 50 cl glass bottle.


One of the most pristine waters on the planet. We are located in the exotic Fiji Islands, exactly on the island of Viti Levu where the famous Fiji water is extracted and bottled directly from an ancient artesian aquifer, more than 2000 km away from the nearest continent. The depth in which the Acqua Fiji basin is located and the massive presence of volcanic rock return an extremely pure and filtered product, never in contact with air.

Cost: $ 37 for twenty-four 50cl plastic bottles.


We conclude our world “hydro-tour” by returning to Italy, precisely in Guarcino, in the Frosinone area, where a spring with well-known beneficial properties has been gushing for millennia, even mentioned by Pliny the Elder in 23 AD.

The first bottling process takes place in 1894 but it is in the thirties of the twentieth century that Acqua Filette will experience global success thanks to a massive export that will lead it to be present on the tables of the best restaurants in the world.

The peculiarity of the product is the total absence of arsenic, the very low presence of nitrates as well as a fixed residue equal to 224 mg / l, characteristics that make Acqua Filette one of the purest waters in the world.

There are three variants of Acqua Filette on the market: Naturally Natural, Delicately Sparkling, Definitely Sparkling.

Cost: € 30 for twelve 75 cl glass bottles.

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