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The green spirit of the Marche

In the splendid Marche village, two chefs have made eco-sustainability their trademark. A creed dictated by love and respect for nature and one’s land.

Not a fad or a clumsy attempt to grab a few more customers. A greener and more eco-sustainable cuisine is a lifestyle, an ancestral drive tending to respect and use that the wonders of the earth can offer us.

In the charming town of Montecosaro, in the province of Macerata, two chefs have distinguished themselves as true custodians of this green creed: we are talking about Rosaria Morganti from the Due Cigni restaurant and Michele Biagiola del Signore.

Expert chefs, with different backgrounds, kitchens and techniques but with one fixed point in common: that of being able to convey the scents and flavors of their land in the most natural way possible.

A path marked above all by research: Chef Morganti’s approach to a cuisine devoted to eco-sustainability began before 2000.

“We must above all cultivate an eco-sustainability of the system – explains Rosaria Morganti clearly – allowing young and serious producers to flourish as companies. We support those who share our belief in the production phase and, together with them, we venture into experiments and new projects.

In the kitchen, then, there are techniques that allow us to extract, hot or cold, the authentic flavor of green, which for me has never been forgotten. ”

Michele Biagiola is pure passion, a soul totally devoted to the countryside, for which he nurtures a sentiment, candid, pure. We join him on our return from a very productive walk with his son; on the way Michele collects wild herbs while relaxing in the dreamy countryside of the Macerata area. “I’ve been to asparagus and picked mustard florets. I also found a large quantity of wild burnet and elm samaras which on the palate are very reminiscent of the taste of walnuts. ”

The collection and use of these spontaneous herbs in the kitchen refer Chef Biagiola to the sharecropper’s diet and are seen almost as a necessity. “Being able to bring an ingredient from the earth to the table translates into a profound dialogue between me and my work, a way to be able to transmit love and feeling. My cuisine – continues chef Biagiola – is considered modern also because I often ask for advice from the new generation, but I’m not a technologist, the technique takes a lot of effort and I prefer to use all that energy to give spirit and soul to the dish. ”

“Every vegetable, every wild herb in raw food – concludes chef Morganti – gives us its essence in various forms: from water to creams, passing through foams, salty ice creams and jams.

The greatest satisfaction? Realize your creed, without ever betraying yourself and being in balance with the territory.

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