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Easter Monday and barbecue: an indissoluble union

Although the outings in company seem only a distant memory, the anniversaries that make those moments relive continue. Easter Monday is no exception and, even if it is not possible to live it as you would like, it is possible to deepen the knowledge of this traditional event. According to Catholicism, it would be more correct to call Easter Monday “Easter Monday”, as it is celebrated on the day when an angel communicated the resurrection of Jesus to Mary. Institutionally, the Easter Monday holiday was introduced during the first Republic, in order to have a transition day between the Easter holidays, which often led out of town, and the following working day. In any case, the protagonist of the lunch takes care of everyone’s agreement: the grill, whether it is meat or fish or vegetarian, even if tradition has it that lamb is also included. In this case, the typical Abruzzo arrosticini or the loin of lamb are ideal. Furthermore, the beginning of Spring coincides with the right period for the slaughter of the lambs. Why lamb? The choice refers to the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God), as a symbol of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, a sacrificial victim in order to redeem the sins of humanity. The first barbecue The season has begun: this holiday has always been the first outdoor barbecue of the season. The human being, facilitated by the first welcoming temperatures, comes out of hibernation and dusts off the tools of the trade necessary to perform that atavistic ritual that takes you back in time: lighting a fire to cook meat. For some, the barbecue is a real religion. Usually, you start preparing for this event several days in advance, with the choice of the designated venue. In recent years, the areas equipped for this type of event have increased considerably; whether it is in the mountains, on a hill or on the banks of a river, each family carefully chooses the place to spend this pleasant day, as long as it is possible to go out this year. Like many of the Italian traditions, this too is based on the conviviality of the meal from a distance and outdoors; in fact, it represents an opportunity to interact with loved ones, those in charge of shopping and those in charge of the equipment, each person plays an important role in this ritual. Especially this year, it represents a wonderful opportunity to get closer (but always with due precautions).

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