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The succulence of meat with a degreasing cocktail, the union is done

With the arrival of summer, the desire for an American barbecue increases, that mix of meat, smoke and perfume that puts everyone in agreement. But just combine the usual wine or the usual beer with the bbq: let’s try an unusual but certainly suitable combination, the cocktails. How to risk this combination? First rule, don’t dare. For a right combination it is necessary to take into account some fundamental points such as the sauces that accompany our bbq. Another fundamental point: opting for a pairing criterion that relies on a sense of harmony of flavors rather than their contrast, taking up in our cocktail some notes already existing in our bbq. Mojto? Yes thanks. If pork ribs are cooking on the grill, perhaps previously spiced, the ideal is to combine them with a fresh mojito. Its parts are composed of rum, mint, lime and sugary parts, ideal for bringing the right freshness in the mouth. A ready-made beef steak? Its answer when paired with a drink is gin and tonic: rich in aromatic variations, it brings notes of freshness and light acidity essential for the balance of the mouth. If, on the other hand, lamb ribs fill the terrace with perfume, how not to drink a Manathann: whiskey, red vermouth and angostura caress the flavors of the lamb, enhancing its aromas. What if the BBQ was fish? The undisputed protagonists in a fish bbq are the prawns. Here the choice is varied, but we opt for a Martini cocktail, delicate and elegant caressing the aromas of roasted prawns. Grilled salmon? The answer is an American: the most loved Italian flag in the world, it seduces the long expression of salmon, bringing back, not to be forgotten, the right freshness to the taste thanks to the orange. And the beloved cuttlefish? Well, a Moscow mule that, based on ginger, gives a strong energy to our roasted cuttlefish. But each chop ends with a dessert, a tart with sour cherries for example. Here too we can combine a Cosmopolitan or if you prefer, we can conclude everything with a capiroska, perhaps watching the sunset.


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