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The must-haves for preparing a good barbecue

With the arrival of the first beautiful days, grilling and barbecue cooking are an obligatory stop in gastronomic conviviality. Whether you can do them in the mountains or on your terrace at home. But perhaps even the most experienced stokers are not aware of all the essential accessories that can facilitate the work to the point of making the barbecue a moment of complete relaxation, receiving, in addition, the compliments of a skilled “griller”. Let’s find out all the secrets for a perfect grill and its main tools. The tool set Woe to using normal kitchen cutlery for the barbecue. In fact, these have not been designed for this purpose. You therefore risk ruining them, not to mention the dangers regarding potential burns. The barbecue tools must have some specific characteristics: a long handle that allows you to stay at the appropriate distance from the heat and that does not slip even when your hands are wet or greasy with grease and oil. They are also resistant and massive, so that they do not bend under the weight of the meat. There are several sets on the market. Often those in steel are counted as superior in quality and resistance. Food syringe A very important step in the preparation during the barbecue sessions is the marinating of the product to be grilled – be it meat, fish or vegetables. The syringe allows to give homogeneity to the marinade even from the inside, making even large cuts evenly tasty. By injecting the marinade – taking a cut of meat for example – all the juices can be kept intact even during longer cooking. The syringes for food have a very strong and thick steel tip with side holes that allow a better distribution of the marinade. Also in this case we cite the steel syringes as superior in quality and resistance. Ignition chimney When the more adventurous ventures into grilling even in less than optimal weather conditions, it is common for the good ignition of coal or wood to become a difficult task. Not to mention the fact that the time lost in this phase increases the hunger of the guests. With this tool – useful only for those who own a charcoal barbecue – making wood and charcoal glowing will become much easier. Maybe a pinch of romance is eliminated, but you gain a lot in comfort and practicality. Fireproof gloves The use of fireproof gloves is essential if you do not want to run the risk of burns. For a carelessness you can remain marked for life, even if you think that simple gestures such as turning a steak or adding embers are harmless, never let your guard down. There are different types of gloves on the market, but it is good to remember those in silicone and those in Kevlar and fabric. The former are more comfortable to clean, while the latter resist higher temperatures because they are made of insulating fabric. Food thermometer Cooking time is not a reliable parameter to take into account, as the variations can be endless. It is therefore good to know the internal temperature of the food to always have an excellent result. It is therefore an extremely important tool to have among your barbecue tools. Important to avoid cooking too much or too little food. Skewers Cheap and practical, they can be made of metal, wood or bamboo. The skewers allow you to amaze the guests – also using a little imagination and creativity – with dishes that become colorful and playful. It is good to know that the wooden or bamboo skewers must be soaked in water for 30 minutes before use; those in metal, on the other hand, come in various lengths and shapes. Also very useful are the double ones that prevent the skewered pieces from rotating when the skewer is turned, thus ensuring uniform cooking. Barbecue cleaner brush When a workstation is clean, not only is everything more attractive (even for guests), but it is also possible to work better. In fact, the encrustations due to food residues must be carefully eliminated if you want to avoid unpleasant odors and altered flavors in subsequent cooking. With a simple brass or steel brush, the detachment of encrusted material is facilitated, whose removal can also be facilitated with hot water and neutral soap at the end of the grill session. Brush The brush is a necessary tool for distributing oil, sauces and various condiments over the cooking dishes, giving a uniform taste to the dishes. In fact, through this procedure it is possible to give character and personality to one’s own grills, raising the barbecue to a unique and inimitable taste-sensory experience. The caliper here is the unmissable accessory for an expert brazier. As for the footballer, shoes are indispensable and for a tennis player his racket, the barbecue cannot be separated from the pliers, the tool that allows you to unleash and enhance the art of a perfect “griller”. There are also various types of tongs for this product, but it is important to choose one that is at least 45 centimeters long, so as to avoid burns when handling food on the grill. It is always advisable to take two, one for the meat and one for the embers. With these simple tools, the world of the grill will no longer have secrets and obstacles from the point of view of equipment. Now all that remains is to indulge yourself in front of the embers and amaze your guests with flair and imagination.

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