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Magazine August 2020

Guido 1946: the starred cuisine of chef Raschi on the Rimini seafront

From grandpa Guido’s hut to the Michelin star. The history of seafood cuisine that makes blue fish from the Adriatic the protagonist of a renewed tradition

When we say Romagna we say good food and hospitality, two words that enclose the identity of a generous land bathed by the Adriatic Sea and crossed by the Apennines. It is right on the sea, in Rimini, the city of Fellini and his Vitelloni, that of fleeting but unforgettable summer loves, that the brothers Gianluca and Gianpaolo Raschi pay homage to the cuisine of grandfather Guido in the Guido 1946 restaurant, on the Miramare seafront. A cuisine made of passion, dedication, tradition and research that led the Raschi brothers to transform their grandfather’s hut on the sea into a restaurant that today boasts a Michelin star: a family story told by the photographs on the walls of the restaurant but above all by a cuisine that makes the tradition of the sea a banner to be worn with pride.

What from the outside may appear to be one of the many establishments on the Rimini Riviera is actually a real jewel of elegance and refinement, a place where the sea is not only a physical space but a place of the soul: “The Rimini seafood cuisine it is for me the air that I have always lived and breathed since childhood “says chef Gianpaolo Raschi”. A cuisine made of strong flavors and few ingredients that I make live on my dishes every day.

A menu that is a real journey in the open sea where the blue fish of the Adriatic and its unmistakable identity are the masters, enriched with ingredients and flavors that are the result of years of work and travel by chef Raschi, but certainly the The decisive training course was the one done in the kitchen with grandmother Augusta and mother Tiziana who transmitted the traditional recipes revisited today according to a high-value artistic flair.

Next to the dishes that have made the history of the restaurant and continue to make it, one above all La Canocchia remembers the Gratin, the chef alongside continuous innovations, such as mullet, lemon, basil and caviar Calvisius, which testify how his creative art is unstoppable and how simple ingredients used with skillful skill can create excellent flavors.

Not only Guido. The Raschi brothers, in fact, wanted to bring the quality of their cuisine also to the Fico Eataly World gastronomic park in Bologna with Il mare di Guido and in the center of Rimini with Augusta open with courage shortly after the end of the lockdown.

If the epidemic has changed social habits and freedoms, it has certainly not stopped the Raschi brothers and their desire to increasingly spread their starry cuisine in which tradition and innovation dialogue without ever betraying the quality and attention towards customers.

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