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Magazine August 2020

Dolomieu, the gastronomic path of chef Davide Rangoni

In the Dolomites, a starry cuisine at high altitude that contains the essence of the mountain spirit

Few haute cuisine tables on the peaks of Madonna di Campiglio and dishes that reach even higher peaks thanks to chef Davide Rangoni. The Dolomieu gourmet restaurant is located in Madonna di Campiglio, a small tourist resort in the province of Trento located at 1550 m above sea level known for its ski slopes, lakes, valleys, streams and huts that attract tourists both summer and winter.

To host it is the DV Chalet, a boutique hotel, a wedding favor with 20 rooms with a contemporary style but completely in line with tradition and place.

The Dolomieu is the spearhead of the hotel, a synthesis of passion, research and hospitality. Its walls completely covered in oak wood, and the oil stove, best represent the idea of ​​charm and elegance of mountain chalets.

With just five tables it contains the essence of the mountain spirit in an intimate and exclusive atmosphere thanks to the executive chef Davide Rangoni who created a menu based on local raw materials of great quality and personal suggestions that make the meal a real and own sensory experience: “I believe that in the dishes I can express what I really like about the Dolomites. I arrived here at the end of 2018, spring 2019 made me discover this territory thanks to the exploration of the Dolomites even at high altitude with alpine guides, to understand what was beyond the tourist part. From there when I was above the mountains – continues Davide – at an altitude of almost 3000 meters I came up with the idea of ​​the tasting menu Horizons by inserting typical ingredients of the Dolomites. So I also started the service of our amuse bouche on the dolomite stone (dolomite stone) “.

The kitchen of chef Rangoni tells the beauty of a territory equipped with raw materials, with a daily research that is dialogue with the best producers and an investigation into the flavors of tradition to be reworked in a personal and contemporary key: “Turning in the territory I met experts who they made me understand what the queen’s garlic was, the barbana, the rabbit grass, the hare grass, plants that are found above all in the summer but which I preserve for having them also in winter “In the Dolomites the chef discovered the pleasure of personally researching the best herbs to enhance its gastronomic offer. “As a mountain lover, I found an even more authentic way to live in contact with the territory and bring it within my dishes. The request that Trentino, Val Rendena offers us, is a continuous discovery “.

The mountain is perfectly recognizable in the dishes offered by chef Rangoni: “The menu proposals start from venison with bear’s radicchio and dogwood passing through a cheese curd where fresh milk is infused with chamomile”. Particular attention is paid to very delicate meats: “The venison tartare accompanies it with a spice mayonnaise and a note of alpine curry which is very different from the international curry because they are placed in particular roots”.

Dolomieu is its flagship, its daily challenge in enhancing the quality that the restaurant has been pursuing for ten years and which in 2013 was sealed by the recognition of the Michelin star, and its inclusion in the prestigious Le Soste circuit: ” I think the basic concept of my kitchen was expressed by those who sat at the table. There is a lot of balance in my dishes, the result of many years of work. By playing on contrasts and acidity, I wanted to create a balance in the plate where every element I am going to insert creates harmony. “

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