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Magazine August 2020

Cave Mont Blanc: a journey through the highest vines in Europe

An alpine reality that with passion and dedication has been telling the territory for decades through unique wine products in the world

A story made of competence, passion, effort and a visceral love for one’s own land; these are the main skills of Cave Mont Blanc de Morgex et La Salle, a Valle d’Aosta company leader in wine production.

At the foot of Mont Blanc, among the highest vines in Europe, this reality, enriched by over 30 years of experience in the production of Classic Method sparkling wine, has decided to embark on the experimentation and production of high altitude sparkling wine, precisely at 2173 meters, at the Pavillon refuge.

This ten-year experiment, in collaboration with the guide company of Courmayeur, gave birth to Cuvee Des Guides one of the greatest sparkling wines ever.

We contacted Stéphanie Grange, conferring partner, to let us tell you more about Cuvee des Guides and the autochthonous Priè Blanc grape.

Breathtaking views, terraces and incredible altitudes for a decidedly heroic viticulture: how difficult and how satisfied are you with your work?
“It is certainly not easy to be a winemaker in the mountains, our vine, the Prié Blanc, is grown on a low Aosta Valley pergola, so all the processes, from pruning to the harvest, are carried out manually (some of which literally on all fours under the pergola) and, compared to a row, the working time is almost doubled. It is also necessary to deal with the climate that has undergone rapid changes in recent years, a phenomenon which also affects nature. But when, during the harvest, the fruits of their work are harvested, the labors of the year are rewarded. “

What are the main peculiarities of the Prié Blanc-Biotipo Blanc de Morgex grape?
“Prié Blanc is the only autochthonous white grape variety from Valle d’Aosta, it is free-footed and its training system is the Valle d’Aosta low pergola. It is grown only in the municipalities of Morgex and La Salle from 900 to 1200 meters above sea level and completes its vegetative cycle in a very short period due to late budding and early ripening.
Its vinification gives rise to the DOC Vallée d’Aoste – Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle which we work to have products in a firm version, classic method sparkling wine and late harvest. The characteristics that our products have in common are freshness, minerality and flavor”.

In which versions is the Cuvee des Guides produced?
Cuvée des Guides is produced in the following versions:
-Magnum with leather box and ice ax (30 numbered boxes per year): the box is produced entirely by hand and passes from craftsman to craftsman for its composition, from the wooden carrying box, to its leather upholstery, the coating of the internal foam, the handle of the ice ax and its iron part, ed and finally the bottle which was disgorged and labeled by hand.

-Magnum in white wooden box: of which a hundred bottles are produced per year

– 0.75 cl bottle in white wooden box: about 1000/1200 of which are produced per year.

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