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Magazine August 2020

Cantine Marisa Cuomo: from Amalfi with Furore

The rocky essence of the sea as a bottled fruit of a pledge of love

Characterized by one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, the Amalfi Coast stimulates dreams and desires everywhere. The roads lying on its jagged coasts open a breathtaking panorama that makes us reflect on the emerald mare nostrum and observe the colorful houses of the sometimes rowdy coastal villages, sometimes awakened from sleep with the sound of the ancient bell towers. Lush Mediterranean vegetation, lemon groves and vineyards clinging to the cliffs also emerge. The salty air, the relaxed atmosphere and the superb local cuisine have made the Amalfi Coast one of the most popular tourist destinations.

For locals, however, life on the coast is much less romantic: living, working, and above all cultivating the vine on the steep banks of the peninsula is not an easy undertaking.

Indeed, it is heroic. So much so that the recent Ministerial Decree (VVQ n. 6/2019) finally makes it official: those on terraces and steps with a slope of the ground higher than 30% above 500 m.s.l.m are heroic vineyards.

The Marisa Cuomo winery is perched on the slopes of the delightful and tiny village of Furore. At the same time, the 10 hectares of vineyards, donated in 1980 as a token of love by Andrea Ferraioli, his future husband and descendant of a family linked to wine for generations, make up the inimitable setting of the Gulf of Salerno. The extreme conditions in which these pergola vineyards develop, spectacular to the eye and almost 100 years old, do not allow the help of modern technologies, wanting to treasure the knowledge and culture of true artisan winemakers in the production of extreme wines.

Faithful to the denominations “Costa d’Amalfi”, “Furore” and “Ravello”, Marisa Cuomo produces four white wines, four reds and a rosé from the native grape varieties, including Ginestra, Piedirosso, Biancolella, Per ‘e Palummo, Pepella , Fenile and others. Centuries of winemaking tradition, together with the rocky essence of the sea, the brackish breezes and the floral exuberance of the coast, are bottled by Marisa and Andrea year after year. Uncorking one of these extreme wine and heroic quintessences of the Amalfi Coast is always an emotion drawn from fairies between perfumes and flavors, between nostalgic reminiscences and future dreams.

The emblematic wine of the winery is Fiorduva, a white blend from the Fenile, Ginestra and Ripoli grapes, which have long been among the most awarded and famous Italian white wines, highly appreciated by international critics. A pledge of love. A love so sincere that it is generous and not jealous, happy to leave traces in anyone who can draw on its expressions.

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