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There are all the elements for success: the cuisine of a passionate and rigorous chef, the style and clarity
of the owners, a room managed with skill. It is a breathtaking location, on the shores of Lake Como

Someone called him “the gentle giant”, partly because of his presence but above all for his generosity in the
kitchen, for his being always available, without ever disconnecting unless the result is achieved.
In fact, Carmelo Sciarrabba, a visionary dreamer cook but in reality a profound connoisseur of the rules and
of cooking, it is a “war machine”.
When the owners of Acquadolce, the charming restaurant on the shores of Lake Como, in Carate Urio,
intercepted him last year, a new world opened up for Carmelo. And, after so many experiences and
adventures, he has fulfilled his dream: to find a place to have a free hand, in a context of open and
stimulating confrontation with the owners of the business. Irina Kutiaghina and Ezio Cecconi, thanks to the
style with which they run their restaurant, see in Carmelo a partner rather than an employee, an ally with
whom to deal every day. Their imperative is to offer their guests a distinctive cuisine, an expression of the
chef’s personal line. Dishes that are never banal, born of a philosophy that sees the customer at the center,
the ability to know how to listen to him, in the kitchen and in the dining room. To get to the fundamental
point: the primacy of taste.
This is also why they have chosen a thoroughbred maitre d ‘, Ciro Della Ragione: an old-fashioned
professional who understands the client on the fly and knows how to interpret their needs, needs, even
their thoughts, when necessary. Intuiting customer satisfaction is always encouraging, but just as ready you
need to be able to grasp any misunderstandings, needs, special requests. And Ciro is the right man for the
dining room, whether he is dealing with foreign clients or whether he has to interact with the demands of
local, Como, Milanese or neighboring Canton Ticino clients.
Customer management, on the other hand, is the leitmotif of Acqudolce. In aid of this precise will, Irina and
Carmelo have thought of a precise menu in the descriptions of the dishes, which are defined with the main
name, followed by all the other ingredients that compose it. Some examples: Spaghettone di Gragnano,
purple carrot, lake bottarga, crispy bread, Tortello, vegetables, scampi, coconut, lime, Martini, Agnolotto,
parmesan, tomato, buffalo mozzarella, Rice, borage, snails, semuda (a Valtellina cheese ), saffron.
Clear and clean dishes, which do not indulge in the description of fashionable localisms but which focus on
the fullness of taste, tell their own story …
Carmelo Sciarrabba says: “If once I focused a lot on the aesthetics of the dish, today I shifted the focus to
taste. I start from the possibilities of matter to be the true protagonist of the dish, which knows how to
touch the strings of emotions, which gives the most authentic sense of taste “.
And he adds: “The chef must not say ‘look at me! Do you see how good I am? ’, He does not have to build
dishes destined to amaze with their pomp but, conversely, that are able to excite, even for their hidden
heritage”. And again: “I believe in contamination, but even more in the balance of the dish”.
Not surprisingly, the menu has the “Great classics” section, in which Carmelo Sciarrabba reveals his past
experiences as a hotel chef, where the classic table d’hôte were full of classic dishes, often of French
inspiration, the chef has always had great attention to classicism.
In fact, on the menu we find dishes such as the Vera Milanese cutlet, the Filetto alla Rossini, the Caesar
Salad: names that may seem dated, but that Carmelo manages to make contemporary thanks to a careful
selection of ingredients and a correct reinterpretation, free from useless experimentation. .
But be careful, Carmelo manages to combine creative momentum with research on techniques,
up to fermentations that are not extreme but consistent and compatible with a modern kitchen line. “The
technique must be
at the service of the raw material, and not vice versa ”, says Carmelo while, on the table, they serve an
unforgettable dish: Red shrimp, yellow tomato, cow’s milk stracciatella, homemade bread, basil. Together
with Trout, Fassona, Guinea fowl, Eggs, he composes
the rich proposal of appetizers.
Among the desserts, we mention the Cheesecake and the very traditional Miascia, they are a very valid
reason to return to Acquadolce, lulled by the attentions of Irina and the superlative dishes of Carmelo.
Where is it
Acquadolce Lake Como Restaurant
Via Regina vecchia, 26
22010 Carate Urio (Co)
Tel. 031 400260
The numbers
Kitchen: 9
Wines: 8
Room service: 9
Location: 10
Atmosphere: 9
Total: 45/50

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