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In every season a proposal that is renewed: the Masè family of the Hotel Bertelli is an example of high

Val Rendena, a few kilometers from Trento, looks like the classic postcard scenery, with the Brenta
Dolomites towering over immense snow-covered expanses and turning pink at sunset. An idyllic landscape
that in summer gives way to grassy pastures on which the native Rendena breed cows graze and to dense
fir and larch woods that offer protection on the hottest and sunniest days. A beauty that can be enjoyed all
year round: in the winter, when it turns into a ‘skier’s paradise’ with its 156 km of slopes; in summer, when
it offers hikers scenarios of incomparable beauty that wind through the 450 km of mountain paths of the
Adamello Brenta Geopark Nature Park, which can be traveled on foot or by mountain bike.
The ideal starting point for venturing along this valley is the village of Madonna di Campiglio. A place made
famous since the 1800s, when the Austrian emperor Franz Joseph and his famous wife, Princess Sissi, came
to vacation here, and then in the more recent 1950s, when a large number of Milanese entrepreneurs
settled there making making the town a favorite destination for winter tourism in Northern Italy. Still
frequented today by well-known faces of the Italian panorama, Madonna di Campiglio is, however,
incredibly sober and discreet despite what one might think. A village that has remained authentic, with
beautiful wooden huts gathered around the streets of the historic center and a very different allure from
those places where the most popular sport is the ‘struck on Saturday afternoon’.
Madonna di Campiglio is rich, very rich, but without excesses and ostentation. A concrete example of this is
the hospitality offered by the Masè family at the Bertelli Hotel, a historic property located in the heart of
the town, a few steps from the ski lifts. The hotel, born as a pension in the 1950s and now a 4-star category,
offers all the comforts to its guests, but with an approach that is always aimed at enhancing the reality in
which it is immersed. Thus the choice to invest in a biomass-fueled thermal power plant that produces
renewable and clean energy through the wooded areas of the territory, a choice that contributed, in 2019,
to ensuring that the Bertelli Hotel was the first in Italy to obtain the certification ISO 21401. In this sense
also the close collaboration with the local tourist board, the APT of Madonna di Campiglio, in order to offer
its guests ‘tailor-made’ experiences in every season, which allow them to discover the territory in a new
look. The “Snow Moon experience”, for example: a snowshoe hike in the moonlight accompanied by wi-fi
headphones that radiate classic sonatas related to the theme of the moon. Or the “Hot Mind” path in the
company of Andrea Bianchi, in which you learn to enjoy the benefits of the cold through a walk in unspoiled
Finally, the gastronomic proposal offered by the hotel restaurant, “Il Gallo Cedrone”, awarded the Michelin
Star for ten years, where the chef Sabino Fortunato collects the best local ingredients, rigorously alternated
according to the season, proposing his “free interpretation of alpine restaurant “. Particular attention is
given here to small local producers unearthed over time by Marco Masè, owner of the hotel and
restaurant, who enrich the menu with precious ingredients hard to find elsewhere, such as marble trout,
yellow flour from Storo and vegetables from Val di Gresta. Also worth mentioning is the restaurant’s
immense cellar, a fascinating place on several levels where about 20,000 bottles rest. A collection that
includes the most renowned labels on an international level, but above all high-level local realities such as
the Endrizzi winery, one of the most popular in Trentodoc.
Madonna di Campiglio is a place with a discreet charm, able to satisfy all types of visitors. Having the
opportunity, it is even more beautiful to discover its riches in the low season, when there are almost only
the ‘natives’ to guard it and the silence of the valleys alternates with the sounds of nature. It is in fact in the
mid-seasons that everything here becomes even more magical: the tables are laden with mushrooms and
game from nearby woods, the cheeses are even tastier thanks to the use of rich summer milk for their
production. People are less busy and thus it becomes possible to fully enjoy the visits to small local
producers and artisans, while the walks are accompanied only by the creaking of their footsteps on the
melting snow and by sightings of the local fauna which, undisturbed, leaves with less fear. The owners
repair. In short, a place of enchantment that deserves to be visited in every season.

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