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A couple of friends who have made their profession their life’s mission. In this way they have revolutionized
the offer of an area, Brianza, which is gastronomically “shy”

Lake Alserio is a perfect location to discover nature in Brianza. Water basin included within the Lambro Valley regional park. The greenery around the shores of the lake is characterized by numerous hiking trails, perfect for trekking lovers in a rural area with centuries-old trees, with an ancient and even a little “pictorial” flavor. Those who intend to keep in good shape will be able to go wild along the ring that surrounds the lake by practicing sports surrounded by greenery and among the animals. Villas, wash houses, farmhouses, factories are all to be admired in their splendor, as they tell centuries of history and culture that have developed in this magical corner of Lombardy. All this prolusion to say that in the upper area of Alserio we find a place, known in the village for many years as a pizzeria, which opened its doors since September last year: the Cà Mia Restaurant. Inserted in a beautiful location with garden and private parking, it is a villa that is spread over two floors with large summer spaces to be able to enjoy the cool of the tall plants and be served with dishes from the large open grill. The internal catering is spread over two floors, in four rooms for a maximum of 60 seats, well spaced.

The welcome is given to you by bright and elegant environments, giving you the flavor of a gastronomic experience of excellent cuisine baked by two young chefs, friends for the skin, (Simone Tanzi and Guglielmo Curcio) who found themselves in this corner of paradise, offering a refined and continuously developing menu, where the materials themselves are the protagonists of the dishes. Their philosophy lies in a few words: “Every single ingredient is important to us, which is why we constantly seek quality in what we use, in full respect of nature and following the availability of products according to the seasons. The same philosophy we have in the kitchen is also reflected in the cellar, with a refined and constantly evolving wine list, the result of ideas and reflections to create combinations that are never banal and always different “.

Simone is a son of art, his father Antonio former chef is now here to supervise. This passion led Simone to undertake the profession of cook as a young man (which over the years allowed him to boast important experiences such as George Blanc, Davide Caranchini and Antonia Klugmann) while his brother Alessandro, despite having another activity, in the evening is present as a sommelier and extender of the wine list where you can choose bottles from every region of Italy with some French offerings of Champagne, Loire and Burgundy; in addition there are also wines from Slovenia, Germany, Canada and New Zealand. The prices are really “fair” and you can even find six wines offered by the glass. In the kitchen, the alter ego is Guglielmo Curcio (he is also 27 years old like Simone and he too grew up at Caranchini, Materia restaurant, Michelin Star in Cernobbio); in the room in charge is the young Gianluca who is also very attentive to the service of wines.

The offer is varied and follows the seasons as mentioned. The list of dishes is minimalist and what we suggest has been taken from the new winter menu proposed last week. During my visit I was served the Souvenir of France Menu: Amuse bouche; poultry terrine; snails in green; liver gateau; Champagne chicken and for dessert: chartreuse, carrot and yogurt. The bread and breadsticks are homemade and served with salted butter. A first visit that was pleasant and that certainly needs to be repeated, but with the conviction that these young people will certainly find their right way to be able to express themselves to the fullest of their abilities by offering a light, tasty and territorial cuisine with that “Frenchizing” touch that the red inspectors like it so much. An address destined to grow in an area that really needs it so much.

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